Thomas Vandelanotte - John Martin N.V. Belgium

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Thomas Vandelanotte – John Martin N.V. Belgium

This week we meet Thomas Vandelanotte, head brewer at John Martin Brewery in Belgium, makers of Timmerman’s beers and also Bourgogne Des Flandres.

I will always have a fondness for Belgian beers. To some extent, that’s because they were among the first to show me that not all beers were lagers. Also as my career has developed and I have watched the evolution of the craft beer industry, I have admired the respect Belgian brewers have for what they make and also how it will be enjoyed, while still being willing to experiment and not be entirely shackled by tradition. But the focus is always on the drinking experience.

Thomas was in Australia as his beers are just about to be made available again, and the importer has said that after a decade of declining interest in classic Belgian beers, people are rediscovering them.

Thank you to Felons in Brisbane, where the interview was recorded, for hosting us. By coincidence, this interview was recorded in the week that Felons launched its first beers from its own barrel program, and we got to try them after the interview.

And just a plug – unpaid – for Thomas’ beers…they will be landing in early July and will be available for Beer Importers and Distributors. If you’re a retailer, get in touch…if you’re a consumer, maybe put your local independent bottleshop in touch.

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