Valuing a Brewery - Live Panel Discussion

The Australian craft beer industry has seen much activity in recent times. Acquisitions in the space have heated up as larger players look to expand, and local brewers have begun tapping capital markets. Many local craft breweries have raised private capital to fund expansion, including utilising the crowd-sourced equity funding.

Larger players have also purchased smaller craft brewers.

But how does a business value itself, whether for sale or for capital investment?

Brews News hosted a live expert panel looking at all aspects of valuing your brewery for sale, finance or investment.

The expert panel included:

  • Peter Bishop | Managing Director HLB Chessboard
  • Paul Fraser | National Director CBRE
  • Matt Vitale | Co-Founder and Managing Director of Birchal

During the hour-long livestream, the panel discussed various investment models, how valuing businesses has changed with COVID and the importance of valuation models for breweries.  

This panel was proudly presented by HPA.

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