ABAC releases quarterly report

ABAC annual report

ABAC released a revised Digital Best Practice Guide late last year. The Guide outlines the application of ABAC Code standards to digital marketing and also explores best practice to assist companies in the responsible implementation and management of their digital marketing.

“Digital media is complex and rapidly evolving. The Digital Best Practice Guide assists industry to keep pace with these changes and understand all of the options available to them to make socially responsible choices in the management of their digital marketing, ” ABAC Chair Hon Tony Smith said.

“It is important that alcohol marketers familiarise themselves with the various ABAC Guides. With the strengthened ABAC Code released in April last year now fully operational now is the perfect time for alcohol marketers to educate themselves on the new Code through ABAC’s free one hour online training course.

“Last quarter the most common cause of a breach of Code standards was alcohol packaging having strong or evident appeal to minors. Breaches related to soft drink, food, video game and other themes that are familiar and relatable to under 18 year olds. Each year this Code standard attracts the greatest number of complaints and Code breaches and the new Code provides greater clarity around this provision.

“ABAC complaints and determinations have increased significantly during 2023 when compared with the previous year, resulting in an increase in Code breaches that have been enforced by ABAC,” ABAC Chair Hon Tony Smith noted.

“I encourage marketers to make use of the wide range of free resources and checklists on the ABAC website and to use the ABAC pre-vetting service as an independent check that their ads and packaging are meeting responsible alcohol marketing standards.”

ABAC’s Fourth Quarterly Report for 2023 detailing decisions made during the past quarter is available online.

More information about the ABAC is available at: http://www.abac.org.au/

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