All Inn Brewing releases cost of living crisis beers

All Inn Brewing Co. announces the release of two new Craft Beers designed to counter the cost of living crisis.

All Inn Brewing C.O.L.D Project banner with two cans of beer

As Australia struggles with higher interest rates and inflation, All Inn Brewing Co. has designed a series of Beers to ensure our favourite past time is not forgone to the burden of tougher financial times.

We have therefore created the C.O.L.D Project “Cost of Living Deferment” two thirst quenching beers which are easier on the hip pocket but deliver the same craft beer taste you have earned and respect from the award winning All Inn Brewing Co.

Available from February 1st 2024. Chief Operating Officer of All Inn Brewing Co Luke Phillips says, “As people grapple with higher cost of goods and inflation we wanted to ensure the hard working Australian didn’t sacrifice the age old tradition which is to enjoy a Cold delicious Craft Beer at the end of a hard working day, therefore we created these 2 beers designed to ease the pain at the checkout but still deliver the flavour you respect and deserve.”

Whilst every avenue has been taken to lower the price point of these beers the artwork have been stylishly designed by Matt Vergotis of Verg design to give the impression of a premium quality product.

Good Beer Pale Ale 4% and Good Beer Lager 4% will be available in First Choice and Liquor Land outlets across Queensland as well as selected independent Bottleshops.

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