Beer is a Conversation: Steve Jeffares and Guy Greenstone

This week we have another bumper show. We spoke with Brendan Varis a few weeks ago to celebrate 10 years of Hop Hog and in a way we continue along the same theme this week.

Ten years ago, the Local Taphouse opened and quickly became a benchmark for what a great beer bar should be. Over the last 10 years, founders Steve Jeffares and Guy Greenstone have continued to evolve and innovate.

With the development of the Hottest 100 and GABS festival, the duo have created some of the biggest events on the craft beer calendar.

They have also had a few misses, and over the next 90 minutes you will hear them discuss their successes and failures with great insight and honesty.

We have split the interview into three parts that break nicely into half hour segments. We look at The Local Taphouse, GABS and the more recent Stomping Ground brewpub.

In this first episode, we look at how the duo discovered beer and what piqued their interest, as well as how they met, the inspiration for the Local Taphouse and, what they have learned and continue to learn along the way.

In part two, we look at what beers they consider the most influential over the last 10 years, we look at the origins and the evolutions of the Hottest 100, what it means on the beer landscape, the early days of the Great Australian Beer Spectapular and how it morphed into the GABS festival. We also look at how GABS has morphed and grown and what Steve and Guy have learned along the way.

In the third and final part of our conversation with Steve Jeffares and Guy Greenstone, we begin by finishing off finding out about the growth of GABS from the Local Taphouse to the Royal Exhibition Building. We then learn about the decision to open Stomping Ground Brewery and its invaluable managing team Ashur Hall and Matt Marinich.

With Steve and Guy’s business relationship being so long and involved, we also ask these two different personalities how they work together successfully and what they have learned during their time together. We also ask, what’s next?

It’s a great finish to this conversation series with Guy and Steve.

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