Brews News Live – BrewCon19: Kevin Dinn and Andrew Higginbotham

Thanks to Bintani we were able to take Radio Brews News to BrewCon and capture a little of what was on offer to those who were lucky enough to get to Australian craft brewing’s annual conference and trade show.

In this episode we chat with Kegstar’s Chief Technology Officer Kevin Dinn. There has been a lot of talk about smart kegs over the last few years – kegs that are able to report back to base about where they are, their temperature, and even whether they are full or empty. Despite all of that talk, nothing has yet hit the market. But with Kegstar announcing it is ready to roll out scan free keg tracking, we use this opportunity to catch up with Kegstar’s Chief Technology Officer and learn about what they’re doing and what’s possible, and what’s likely in the smart keg space.

While we’re chatting with Kegstar, we also catch up with General Manager Andrew Higginbotham to update the chat we had with him at GABS earlier this year about demand for smaller kegs post 1 July.

If you’re in the business of moving beer, this is an interesting conversation about what’s new in the keg space.

BrewCon 2020 will take place on September 21 and 22 next year.

Enjoy the conversation.

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