Brews News Live from GABS: Sam Fuss, Justin Fox and Ash Hazel

This is a special edition of Brews News, live from GABS in Melbourne.

Thanks to Bintani, Brews News was able to take our mobile studio to GABS and capture some great discussions with a wide range of people in the beer industry.

GABS offered a great opportunity to be more candid with our guests and discuss a wide range of issues affecting the brewing industry.

Today we have a series of shorter interviews, firstly Sam Fuss from Philter Brewing, who talks about her career, making the AIBA trophy winning beer for the awards night this year, what it meant to win the gypsy brewer trophy last year and also her possibly disappointing results this year on the back of that. We discuss the name gypsy brewer and its appropriateness as a label in this day and age and Sam also announces that she’s just put a deposit on her very own stainless steel so she won’t be fitting that description much longer.

We also manage to catch up with Justin Fox and Ash Hazel, the former and current head brewers at Colonial Brewing. We hear of Colonials current expansion and whether the new brewer ever calls upon the advice and experience of the old brewer. We learn about the breweries relationship with Colonial Leisure Group and what advantages if any accrue to business with it’s own pubs. This chat was recorded the day after the news that former Prime Minister Bob Hawke died and we get Justin’s reaction to that news given he created the beer brewed in Bob Hawke’s name and got the know the former PM quite well.

Enjoy the conversation.

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