CUB donates takeaway containers to venues


Thousands of litres of tap beer currently locked inside Australian pubs can now be sold to consumers thanks to Carlton & United Breweries and government intervention.

It’s a big win for beer lovers and the embattled $20 billion+ pub and club industry, which otherwise would have been forced to tip the beer down the drain.

The Federal Government’s decision not to apply double excise means publicans can sell classic tap beers such as Carlton Draught and Victoria Bitter straight from the tap into resealable bottles. Some States have also relaxed rules around the sale of takeaway beer.

Carlton & United Breweries CEO Peter Filipovic said: “The pub industry is reeling from the recent shutdowns. So to help pubs take advantage of the Federal and State Government concessions, we’re donating 20,000 resealable bottles to more than 100 pubs in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

“What makes tap beer so great is its freshness, which is also why it has a relatively short best before date and why publicans would otherwise soon be disposing of it.

“Our resealable bottles mean beer lovers can still enjoy tap beer and support their local in its hour of need. It’ll also give many people their first taste of tap beer from the comfort of their own home.

“This is a great example of how business and government can work together to overcome this crisis. The Federal Treasurer immediately understood the importance of this initiative to support pubs and clubs at this time.

Likewise, State Governments have been quick to support small businesses to innovate and adapt their business.

“Pubs are at the heart of many local communities and CUB has relationships with some stretching back more than 150 years. We’re doing everything we can to ensure we’re still partnering with them in another 150 years.”

The 20,000 takeaway bottles come in two sizes – known as “squealers” and “growlers”– and are roughly 1 litre or 2 litres each. They are available from participating pubs free of charge and no deposit is required, with people only having to buy the beer itself.

The owner of Richmond’s All Nations pub, Bob O’Kane, said: “Shutting the pub has been incredibly tough but we’re making the best fist of it that we can.

“This is a great innovation from Carlton & United Breweries. Selling takeaway tap beer is a big break with pub tradition but it will help ensure cash flow as we bunker down and try to see this crisis out and keep as many staff employed as possible.”

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