CUB doubles beer donation targets

Carlton & United Breweries has upped the ante on its For the Love of Your Local campaign, doubling its target to $2 million worth of beer donated to pubs and clubs.

While restrictions are easing, venues are still struggling with the staged reopenings an limits on patrons, not to mention diminished revenues.

In an attempt to alleviate this strain, CUB launched its For the Love of Your Local campaign in partnership with the Australian Hotels Association back in April.

It is encouraging customers to buy a beer voucher online for a drink at their local venue, and CUB will match it, donating the beer direct to the venue. The money spent by consumers on the beer vouchers goes straight to the venue, and once it reopens, the customer can get their beer as well as an additional one for free.

The campaign has succeeded in raising $1 million worth of beer for venues in its first phase, and now the major brewer is looking to double the target to $2 million.

It says more than 100,000 litres of donated CUB beer will be poured for customers.

CUB CEO Peter Filipovic said that venues are still facing major challenges, which prompted them to grow the campaign further.

“The ongoing restrictions will continue to significantly limit trade and, for some venues, re-opening will have to wait until restrictions are further lifted,” Filipovic said.

“Those that do re-open will have reduced numbers. Australian pubs and clubs have already been shut for two months and the fact is many of these beloved venues won’t make it through this crisis without extra help. So, we’re calling on Australians to help save their local and get free beer in the process.”

CUB is also sending out Carlton Draught and VB trucks selling tap beer in growlers from pub carparks.

Visit the For the Love of your Local website for more information.

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