Frigid is the ultimate cloud-based control platform that increases productivity and saves energy. By leveraging existing infrastructure and using modern technologies, Frigid provides cost effective automation, an immersive user experience and optimises the way your chiller operates to use 25% less energy.

“Frigid’s pulse cooling system enables us to use our equipment smarter, be more efficient and reduce our carbon footprint.” – Ben Johnson, Head Brewer, Big Shed Brewing Concern.

“My favourite thing about Frigid is the peace of mind it offers. I could get home at the end of the day and question if the glycol is on or off on a certain tank and Frigid gives me the ability to check that from home.” – Carla Naismith, Senior Brewer, Shapeshifter Brewing Co.

Our software monitors your tanks and chiller 24/7, sending you alerts when temperatures are trending in the wrong direction. It also gives you granular control from your laptop, tablet or phone so you can monitor and control your tanks anytime, anywhere.

Our vision at Frigid is to ultimately provide income-generating software that makes your life easier, is better for the environment and allows you to enjoy making good beer.

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