Voluntary Administrators appointed to Big Shed Brewing

Exterior view of the entrance to Big Shed Brewing's venue

On 13 February 2024 Mark Lieberenz and Anthony Phillips of specialist insolvency and restructuring firm Heard Phillips Lieberenz were appointed the Administrators of this micro brewer located in Royal Park.

The Administrators are continuing to trade the business as normal and are working closely with the founders of the business to restructure the operations of the company and to come to terms with creditors.

Mr Lieberenz said: “We are open for business and look forward to continue brewing the full range of Big Shed beers and welcoming customers at the Big Shed.

“We are delighted to be working with a staff and management team who feel as passionate about their business as they are about their products,” said Mr Lieberenz.

Co-Founder Craig Basford added “While no-one ever wants to be in this situation, we know that its necessary for our staff and business. We invested heavily in our business expansion up to December 2019 only for the world to shut down in March 2020. It is fighting that ongoing battle that has us where we are today.”

Craig continued: “We appreciate this comes as cold comfort but we will be doing everything we can to get the best possible outcome for our creditors too. We want them to see the light at the end of the tunnel as much as we do. What we need now more than ever is the support of our community of beer drinkers, those who want see Big Shed around for the long haul.”

The Administrators will be reporting regularly to creditors and will disclose the financial circumstances of the company to them when they meet next week.

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