Ed Jamison & Rich Crowe - Fermentum Craft Beer Co

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Ed Jamison & Rich Crowe – Fermentum Craft Beer Co

This week as we prepare for BrewCon we have a special bonus episode of Beer is a Conversation as we meet Ed Jamison, Head of Marketing, for Fermentum Craft Beer Company and Richard Crowe, Head of Supply Chain, also for Fermentum.

Regular readers of our news service will have been following the gradual restructure and rationalisation of Lion’s craft business that has seen breweries such as Tiny Mountain in Townsville and, more recently, Two Birds in Melbourne close and Bevy Brewing in Perth rebranded as a Little Creatures brewpub.

It turns out that was all paving the way for a more significant restructure that sees all of the Lion craft businesses come the badge of Fermentum, the Stone and Wood parent company that Lion acquired in September 2021 and has now been renamed Fermentum Craft Beer Company..

With the restructure bringing OG craft brewery Little Creatures under the Fermentum badge and all of the other changes that have been taking place in the Lion craft portfolio, I was interested to hear from Ed and Rich, two of the three people tasked with leading Lion’s craft division, about what it means for Lion, for beer drinkers and for beer in general.


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