Harriet and DJ McCready - Mountain Culture Beer Co.

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Harriet and DJ McCready – Mountain Culture Beer Co.

Mountain Culture rocketed to the top of the GABS Hottest 100 just a few weeks ago, but that was the latest achievement for a brewery that has been exceeding expectations ever since it launched in late 2019, just before the world felt the grip of COVID.

COVID put a huge dent in what were initially outlined as modest plans for a humble Blue Mountains brewpub. Their covid pivot seems to have paid off and they have been on a tear ever since, one that has seen constant expansion of their expanded brewhouse.

Managing growth is often seen as big a challenge for craft breweries as not growing, and I really wanted to find out what the Mountain Culture secret sauce is…especially as to the outsider Harriet & DJ give off some pretty laid-back, it’s all fun craft beer vibes that feel the opposite of a serious, growth-minded businesses negotiating a maturing market place.

It’s a great chat and I hope I managed to get a look under the hood of of the engine that’s driving the business.

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