Hop Nation snaps up Mornington Peninsula Brewery site

After two years under the Tribe Breweries umbrella, the Mornington Peninsula Brewery site has been acquired by independent brewery Hop Nation.

Tribe initially acquired Mornington Peninsula Brewery in 2018 and announced it would cease production at its ancillary site on Latham Street earlier this year.

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Footscray brewers Hop Nation secure Mornington Peninsula site to upscale production

Independent craft brewery Hop Nation have secured the purchase and lease of Tribe Brewery’s Mornington Peninsula site, effective immediately.

This will see an increase in production for the Footscray brewers, who have been searching for a site for over two years.

Co-owner and General Manager Sam Hambour says despite the current climate, this opportunity couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Our Footscray site has been at capacity for a while now, and we’ve spent the last two years searching for a new factory nearby. Whilst we are still pursuing this, Council red-tape is currently holding this up.”

The Mornington site will allow the team to secure future production while this continues to be sorted. Hop Nation will begin brewing in Mornington immediately, allowing them to meet current demand especially as certain markets, including export, continue to grow.

Whilst more room will provide some relief on the Footscray site, it will very much remain the heart and soul of Hop Nation, and where they will continue to experiment with the hop driven beers they’ve become known for, as well as more room for their barrel programme and to experiment with mixed fermentation beers under Site Fermentation Project.

The opportunity presented itself when Tribe was looking to move production of its Mornington Peninsula Brewery brand, and was finalised today.

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