New Beer Releases: February

February 25th

Zamba Squeeze and Kitchen Sink NEIPA | Braeside Brewing Co. x Bintani

Braeside Brewing Co. in Melbourne has teamed up with Bintani Australia to launch its latest limited release.

“At Good Beer Week last year, at one of the hubs the team and Binatni were there, we use them for pretty much everything and they approached us wanting to do a collaboration – any style you want,” explained Braeside founder Rame Abdallah.

“[Head brewer Charlie Tompson] came up with the idea, Zamba hazy with Zamba hops, and we came up with the recipe and the label – it was supposed to be an amazing beer for us, a showstopper hazy.

“Bintani has just moved up the road to Moorabbin to their amazing new facility, and wanted to team up with us for a local beer. They’re passionate about the beers we make, and we have a great working relationship.”

However, when Tompson was forced into isolation in the middle of brewing the beer before Christmas last year, the original iteration of the beer took a turn for the worse.

“Charlie came out of iso, we did all our tests we normally do and on canning day I popped in to try it, the colour was brilliant, the taste was fantastic, everything was going perfectly – we pre-sold the whole batch.

“Then a week later I grabbed another can and the taste wasn’t right.

“The colour had changed slightly, taste still good but it’s hard to describe the aftertaste

“Even after canning and labelling it, we dumped it. We’ve never had to dump a beer before. We could not release it. Indie beers need to, we believe, hold a certain pride when it comes to quality, it’s still a small industry and a bad batch is a bad reflection on the whole industry if there’s something bad with it, don’t release it.”

But this wasn’t the end of the line for the collaboration.

“Bintani came back, they came to the party with all the ingredients, we brewed it again [earlier this year].

“Tropical fruit shines out of the beer, just the hop blend we wanted to highlight, we dry hopped at three stages including biotransformation.”

“We wanted to showcase what these malt and hops can do – we use Weyermann and Zamba hops, all from Bintani, and aim to showcase what the right ingredients can do for a beer.

Braeside Brewing is releasing its 6.0% abv Zamba Squeeze this week, alongside another limited, 6.2% abv Kitchen Sink NEIPA.

Moon Dog Cooler | Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Moon Dog Craft Brewery is releasing a range of cocktail spritzers set to be released this March.

The brand will release the range with two flavours, Blood Orange, Finger Lime & Agave and Passionfruit, Yellow Peach & Yuzu.

Habanero Punch | Hop Nation Brewing Co. x Chappy’s Snacks

Hop Nation Brewing Co. has collaborated with Chappy’s Snacks on a new release.

Habanero Punch (4.5% abv) is a mango Gose added with 100 locally-grown habaneros to create a “salty edge.”

This release is available to buy online now.

Disco Trash Bomb | Good Land Brewing Co.

Good Land Brewing Co. has announced a new limited release.

Disco Trash Bomb (8.2% abv) is an IPA brewed with Vic Secret, Galaxy and Chinook hops along with lactose, before being double dry hopped with Galaxy, HBC 630 and Citra hops.

This release is available to purchase online now.

Perfect Strata | Bodriggy Brewing Co.

Bodriggy Brewing Co. has released a new beer.

Perfect Strata (5.4% abv) is a single gop Hazy Pale Ale brewed with Strata “in the boil, dry hop and to dip hop the beer.”

This new release is available online now.

Multiple Releases | Mountain Culture Beer Co.

Mountain Culture Beer Co. has released the first three releases of its microdosing series with Psychonaut (10% abv), Ego Death (10% abv) and Bicycle Day (10% abv).

Read more about the beers in the media release here.

Summer Punch Sour | Bad Shepherd Brewing Co.

Bad Shepherd Brewing Co. has released its latest limited beer.

Summer Punch Sour (1.1% abv) is a low alcohol sour brewed with passionfruit, peach and orange.

This release is available online now.

February 18th

Talle Mid Daze | Lost Palms Brewing Co.

Lost Palms Brewing Co. has announced a new mid version of its Talle Daze (3.95% abv) hazy pale, inspired by the Tallebudgera Creek on the Gold Coast.

This release will be available from Friday, 18th February.

Sun Is Shining | Young Henrys

Young Henrys have a new release in their Brewers B-Side Series.

Sun Is Shining (4.0% abv) is a watermelon and mandarin sour featuring the new Philly Sour yeast strain and Sabro hops.

Piña Agria | Wayward Brewing Co.

Wayward Brewing Co. has announced its limited release for February.

Inspired by Costa Rica, Piña Agria is a Pineapple Sour Ale and is available to purchase from Friday, 18th February.

Flat Chat Hazy IPA | White Bay Beer Co.

White Bay Beer Co. has announced a new limited release.

Flat Chat (5.4% abv) is a Hazy IPA brewed with Citra, Citra Incognito, Citra Lupomax, Riwaka and Strata hops.

This beer is available to purchase online now.

Big Drop DIPA | Capital Brewing Co.

Capital Brewing Co. has announced a new release as part of the launch of its new seasonal beer release program.

Big Drop Double IPA (8.2% abv) is “loaded with hops, green melon and lime splash across the palate.”

This release is available to purchase from local stockists until June 2022.

Kong Juice | Dainton Beer

Dainton Beer has released its 2022 Kong Juice Double Hazy IPA (8% abv).

This release is available online now.

Australian Invitational Craft Beer 8 Pack | GABS

GABS has released its first Australian Invitational Craft Beer 8 Pack which includes beers from Otherside Brewing Co., Prancing Pony Brewery, Stomping Ground Brewing Co. and more.

Read the full media release here.

February 11th

Mayday Hills | Bridge Road Brewers

Bridge Road Brewers has announced a Valentine’s Day pack.

The pack includes Bridge Road’s Mayday Hills – The Creek (7% abv) which is a Lambic style cherry sour.

This pack is available to order online now.

Hyperspace | Bodriggy Brewing Co.

Bodriggy Brewing Co. has released its first limited release for the year.

Hyperspace (5.2% abv) is a sour brewed with mangoes and strawberries combined with lactose to create a smoothie-like sour.

This release is available to buy online now.

Citrus Radler | Bad Shepherd Brewing Co. x Billson’s Beechworth

Bad Shepherd Brewing Co. has announced a collaboration with Billson’s Beechworth.

Citrus Radler (3.5% abv) is a lager brewed with Saaz hops and a blend of lime, oranges and lemons.

This release is available online from Friday, 11th February.

Best Pilsner | Pirate Life x Cryer Malt

Pirate Life has collaborated with Cryer Malt on a new release.

Best Pilsner (4.8% abv) was made in Port Adelaide usingt Pilsner Malt, Caramel Pilsner & Acidulated Malt from Bestmalz, and Ahtanum and Loral hops from Yakima Chief Hops.

This release will be available to purchase from Dan Murphy’s in February.

February 4th

IIPA | Lost Palms Brewing Co.

Lost Palms Brewing Co. has released the fourth installment in its Special Listings series, with a IIPA (8.0% abv).

Brewed with Cryo El Dorado and Sabro hops, the IIPA will have pineapple and tropical flavours, and is available now.

Higher Ground & Breakfast in Bed | Bright Brewery

Bright Brewery has announced multiple new releases.

Higher Ground (4.8% abv) is a German Pilsner brewed in the traditional style, with Noble hops and German Lager yeast.



Breakfast in Bed (6.5% abv) is a Multigrain IPA brewed with five different grains as well as various Australian and American hops.

Both of these releases are available online now.

Electric Boots & Mohair Suits | Akasha Brewing Co.

Akasha Brewing Co. has released a new Akasha Project release.

Electric Boots & Mohair Suits (7% abv) is an Oat Cream IPA brewed LupoMax to “give it a signature high-range fruit flavour crispness.”

This limited release is available online now.


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