New Beer Releases: June

June 24th

Winter IPA | Moo Brew

Moo Brew’s latest limited release is a seasonal Winter IPA (6.5% abv), with rich, toasty malts giving the brew flavours of fruit salad and coffee biscuits.

Multiple Releases | Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. has three new releases coming out this Friday, 24th June.

The first new brew is a collaboration with Mane Liquor, celebrating the store’s 16th birthday with the aptly named Sweet 16 Imperial Stout (16% abv).

The birthday cake beer features sixteen ingredients (including coconut, vanilla, raspberry cacao, tonka beans and sprinkles) and a sixteen-hour boil.

Ma Ma Mango (8.5% abv) is the brewery’s second new release this week and the latest addition to its fruited sour series – brewed with 150 gram of mango per litre, as well as vanilla and oak.

The final release is an oaked pale ale featuring Mosaic, Strata, Vic Secret and Ella hops, rested on oak for nearly six weeks.

Brewer’s notes describe Woodin’ It Be Nice (5% abv) as having flavours of vanilla, sweet biscuit malt and citrus.

Multiple Releases | Hop Nation Brewing Co.

The latest Site Fermentation Project brew from Hop Nation is now available.

The MTK (Mango Tamarind Koji) is a 5.6% abv blend of three sour blonde barrels, fermented using Hop Nation’s house-mixed culture in French Oak Yarra Valley Pinot Noir barrels.

The brew was then re-fermented on Queensland tamarind and mango, with the addition of toasted koji.

Hop Nation has also released No Fool (<0.5% abv), a non-alcoholic raspberry sour, brewed with wheat Gladfield Lager Light malt and specialty malts, and Stars Align (<0.5% abv), a non-alcoholic stout featuring Eclipse hops and notes of nuts, dried fruit and caramel.

Muckamuck Imperial Stout with Coconut & Vanilla | Bodriggy Brewing Co.

Bodriggy has re-released its Muckamuck Imperial Stout (9.5% abv), featuring specialty chocolate, roasted barley, Caramunich and Munich malts.

Almond Milk Porter with Vanilla | TWØBAYS Brewing Co.

TWØBAYS has released its GABS 2022 festival beer in the form of a 5.5% abv almond milk porter infused with vanilla.

“Our beers are gluten free and vegan,” says CEO and Founder Richard Jeffares, “but as we don’t use lactose in any of our beers (many gluten free consumers also avoid lactose), we decided to use almond milk to create this creamy beer.”

“We’re all about everyone being able to access the dark arts and delights of every craft beer facet. And there is nothing like the creamy, silky texture and winter flavours of chocolate, almonds and vanilla coming through in a beer. GABS is always great fun, but it’s designed for people who can explore a whole world of beer. The gluten free world can’t do that as easily, so we’re bringing the experience to them.”

Featuring toffee, fig, chocolate, toasted almond and vanilla flavours, the Almond Milk Porter is available now.

June 17th

IIPA & BBA Imperial Stout | Hawkers Beer

Hawkers Beer has announced the return of its IIPA (9% abv). This time, the beer is brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic, Motueka, Citra and Southern Cross hops.

Order this release online now.



Meanwhile, its Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout (13.4% abv) for 2022 is open for preorder now with the beer officially launching on Tuesday, 21st June.

4 Pines Ultra Low | 4 Pines Brewing Co.

4 Pines Brewing Co. has released a new low-alcohol beer called 4 Pines Ultra Low (>0.5% abv). This beer “is dominated by hop notes of fruit, underpinned by herb and citrus”, according to the brewer.

This new release is available in bottles and cans via stockists across all states.

Vestige Double Red IPA | White Bay Beer Co.

White Bay Beer Co. has released Vestige Double Red IPA (8% abv) as its annual Red IPA for this year.

The beer has notes of “red berries, pine and citrus before finishing with a firm bitterness.”

This is now available online.

East and West Coast DIPA #2 | Beerfarm

Beerfarm has announced its latest releases of The Hop Experiment.

The new East Coast Hazy DIPA (7.8% abv) is brewed with Ekuanot, Calypso and Galaxy hops while the West Coast DIPA (7.8% abv) is brewed with HBC630, Idaho Gem and Huell Melon hops, in collaboration with Cryer Malt and Yakima Chief Hops.

These are now available through local stockists and will be available online from 20th June.

Multiple Releases | Dainton Beer

Dainton Beer has announced multiple new releases.

Choctail Espresso Mocha Stout (9% abv) is a re-release brewed with coffee and chocolate.




Hop Rising (6.8% abv) is an IPA brewed with Strata, Columbus and Mosaic hops. This will be available from 22nd June.

Multiple Releases | Range Brewing

Range Brewing has announced three new releases:

  • IPA Ghost Town (6.2% abv)
  • Red IPA Storm Chaser (7.5% abv)
  • Berliner Weisse Halfway to Nowhere (4.2 abv)

All three releases are available online now.

Three flags | Blackflag Brewing

Blackflag Brewing has collaborated on a new beer with Blackflag in Maryland, U.S. and La Blackflag in Girona, Spain.

Three Flags (7.1% abv) is a Hazy IPA brewed with Simcoe, Mosaic and Rakau hops.

“Initially we were going to ship products to each of our locations but worked out that we can all brew beer ourselves,” Blackflag Brewing managing director Steve Barber said.

“That left us with a recipe creation led by the team in the States. The intent being to all brew the same product and move some samples to each other to toast the success.”

The release will be available next week across local stockists.

Paradisi Amarillo | Akasha Brewing Co.

Akasha Brewing Co. has released its latest Akasha Project beer.

Paradisi Amarillo (7% abv) is a Hazy Grapefruit IPA that has notes of “tropical citrus and stonefruit with a pithy bitterness.

Find this release online now.

Cherry and Vanilla | Hard FIZZ x Alfred’s Apartment

Hard FIZZ launched a new initiative allowing other businesses to invent their own flavour and have it canned.

Gold Coast fashion line, Alfred’s Apartment, is the first business to create its own flavour of Cherry and Vanilla (4% abv), with the first batch of about 4000 cans now boxed.

June 10th

Sourade | Wayward Brewing Co.

Wayward Brewing Co. has announced the return of its Sourade beer (4% abv). This time, the brewery is releasing the original Blue Blast Berry flavour and a new flavour of Red Rush Berry.

Both of these releases are available online now.

Descent 22 | BentSpoke Brewing Co.

BentSpoke Brewing Co. has released its birthday stout, Descent 22 (10% abv).

Read the full media release here.

B2 Bomber | Bridge Road Brewers

Bridge Road Brewers has announced the 12th edition of its B2 Bomber to celebrate its 17th birthday.

This year, the B2 Bomber is a Black Belgian Double Cryo IPA (10.1% abv) and is brewed with Sabro Cryo hops.

Pre-order this online now.

Multiple Releases | Jetty Road Brewery

Jetty Road Brewery has announced multiple new beers.

Jetty Road Passionfruit Mojito Sour (4% abv) and has “notes of passionfruit with a big hit of mint and lime with a hint of rum”, according to the brewer.

This is available on tap at Jetty Road’s Dromana venue and via local stockists.


Jetty Road And in the Morning, I’m Making Waffles (6.2% abv) is a Maple and Raspberry Waffle Pastry Stout, with notes of vanilla, maple syrup and lactose.

This new release will be available to purchase at Jetty Road’s Dromana venue, select Dan Murphys, BWS and Independent Bottle Shops from 17th June.

Dark Paradise | Hop Nation Brewing Co.

Hop Nation Brewing Co. has released Dark Paradise (7% abv), a Coconut Vanilla Pastry Stout which was brewed with, “Tahitian vanilla pods, toasted organic Ceylon coconut, milk sugar and a plethora of uniquely roasted malts,” according to the brewer.

Find this release online now.

You Put the Beer in the Coconut | Rocky Ridge Brewing Co.

Rocky Ridge Brewing Co. has released a new beer for WA Beer Week, in collaboration with Hop Products Australia.

You Put the Beer in the Coconut (4% abv) is a dry hopped Sour brewed with finger limes and coconuts.

This beer is available online now.

White Kronos | Helios Brewing Co.

Helios Brewing Co. has announced its GABS release White Kronos (9% abv) will be available in the GABS Festival 8-pack.

The beer itself is a White Stout with notes of Barley, Golden Naked Oats, Custom blended coffee beans, vanilla, lactose and cacao.

Order the GABS Festival 8-pack here.

First Chair | Wolf of the Willows

Wolf of the Willows has announced First Chair, a Coffee Breakfast Stout (6% abv), which was brewed with coffee beans from Commonfolk Coffee Roasters.

This will be available from Sunday, 12th June.

June 3rd

Colonial Porter | Colonial Brewing Co.

Colonial Brewing Co. has announced the release of its seasonal Colonial Porter (6% abv). Brewed with Centennial, Perle and the newly added Mosaic hops, this release is available online now.

After Hours | Gage Roads Brew Co

Gage Roads Brew Co. has released a Winter Ale as its latest limited release.

After Hours (6% abv) is brewed with Idaho 7, Cascade, Centennial & East Kent Goldings hops.

This release is available in 500mL cans, on tap and via local stockists.

Neon Nectar | Modus Operandi Brewing Co.

Modus Operandi Brewing Co. has announced the return of its Neon Nectar Hazy IPA (6.5% abv) which has “big tropical, stone fruit and citrus notes.”

This beer is available to pre-order now.

Mallow Laser Quest | BrewDog

BrewDog has released Mallow Laser Quest (6% abv), a pineapple and marshmallow Hazy IPA that has notes of pineapple, candied fruit, sherbet and marshmallow.

This release is available to order online now.

Tour de Froth 2022 | Bright Brewery

Bright Brewery has announced its Tour de Froth mixed pack for 2022. The pack includes 21 Bright beers, one branded beer glass, and digital tasting notes.

The Tour de Froth is available to order online now.

Violet Beauregarde’s Blueberry Breakfast Bagel Gose | Akasha Brewing Co.

Akasha Brewing Co. has released Violet Beauregarde’s Blueberry Breakfast Bagel Gose (4% abv), which was brewed for this year’s Great Australian Beer Spectapular in collaboration with Brooklyn Boy Bagels.

This release is available online now.

Bonfire Stout | Shelter Brewing Co.

Shelter Brewing Co. has released Bonfire Stout (6.1% abv), which is “imbued with layers of heavily roasted coffee, dark chocolate, understated earthy tones and rounded out with a delicate touch of black forest cake.”

This is available online now.

Multiple releases | Range Brewing

Range Brewing has announced multiple new releases:

  • DDH Double Dripping in Green: Everything (8.5% abv)
  • Oat Cream IPA Floating In Green (6.6% abv)
  • California IPA Dreaming of Sunshine (6.9% abv)

All of these releases are available online now.

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