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Blueberry Imperial Sour and Helles Lager | Modus Operandi Brewing Co

Modus Operandi Brewing Co has released Helles Lager in collaboration with Brewgooder for the Global Gathering campaign.

The campaign aims to bring 100,000 people access to clean water through the power of beer, seeing 350 breweries world wide joining in.

The 5.2% abv beer includes Euro Pils Malt which was donated by Beer Co.

It will be available on tap from the 20th of March at the Modus’ Mona Vale brewery.

The 8% abv Blueberry Imperial Sour is the second released from Modus, available for a limited time.

500 kilogrammes of fresh blueberries were added in to create a tart, blueberry flavour.

Sabro Single-Hop IPA | Ballistic Beer Co

Ballistic Brewing Co has announced its latest limited release in its Single Hop IPA range, the Sabro IPA.

Ballistic say the range is made with a simple pale malt base recipe, allowing them to explore and showcase the unique flavours and aromas of different hop varietals.

At 6.1% abv it includes Sabro hops and US 05 yeast along with Pale and Cara Hell malt.

It is available now at all Ballistic Beer venues and at selected venues and retailers.

P.O.G IPA | Mountain Goat Beer

P.O.G is the first-ever canned limited release from Mountain Goat Beer.

The IPA was brewed with Gladfield American Ale, Vienna, Crystal Light, Gladiator and Crystal Medium malt.

Amarillo, El Dorado, Citra and Strata hops were used along with passionfruit, orange and guava juice from New South Wales.

Mountain Goat say to expect fruity characters and a classic IPA flavour from dry-hopping.

At 7.0% abv it is available now in 375 ml cans from selected stockists.

Triple-1-Three/Otherside Brewing | RSRCH

Otherside Brewing’s parent company Triple-1-Three, has launched its own experimental vintage wine.

Triple-1-Three teamed up with local winemaker Adrian Kelly for the small-batch release, which includes a 14.1% abv Merlot and 12.2% abv Pinot Gris.

The Pinot Gris grapes were sourced from the Franklin River region and include the last white wine grapes picked in WA vintage.

The Merlot grapes are from the Great Southern region of WA.

Brand manager Sally Tucker said RSRCH represented the group’s response to a growing demand from its customers and Brewhouse community for wine.

Both wines are ‘low intervention’ meaning they are free from chemical intervention and physical invention in the wine making process.

RSRCH is now available at the Otherside Brewhouse in Myaree.

Full range | BentSpoke Brewing Co

BentSpoke Brewing Co is moving most of its award-winning range into premium wide lip cans.

Bentspoke say the most was necessary to keep up with rapidly increasing distribution, due to a worldwide production halt in 360 rip lids.

From March, premium range beers will make the move, including Crankshaft, Barley Griffin, Red Nut, Easy Ale and Mort’s Gold will all go into wide lip cans, as well as Drifter, Free Wheeler and Bending Spoke series.

Bentspoke confirmed that no changes have been make to the brewing or packaging process for any beer.

Sex On The Beach Sour | Willie the Boatman

Willie the Boatman has released the newest addition to its Cocktail Sour series, the Sex On The Beach Sour.

The 4.2% abv beer includes Nugget hops, Pale and wheat malt with a small addition of Vienna.

Large additions of peach puree and whole cranberries were added, giving the beer a blend of sweet and sour notes.

120 cases are now available for purchase.

Guillotines | Cheeky Monkey Brewery

Guillotines is the newest East Coast IPA release from Cheeky Money Brewery.

Mosaic, Galaxy, Ella and Amarillo hops are used in the beer along with additions of orange, mango and melon.

Cheeky Monkey say it has been double dry-hopped with a firm bitterness and haze.

At 6.5% abv it is available for a limited time.

Fear and Loathing in Brewsvegas | Deeds Brewing

Deeds Brewing has a new Brewsvegas release in collaboration with the Bloodhound Corner Bar.

Fear and Loathing in Brewsvegas is a 6% abv Hazy IPA with Sabro, Citra and Galaxy hops.

Malt types used include Pale, Wheat, Flakes Wheat and Dextrose.

The beer is available now from select stockists and the Deeds online store.

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