NSW trophy changes hands in 2019 Indies corrections

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IBA Indies Indie Awards 2019

The Independent Brewers Association can now advise the results of the 2019 Indies Awards Audit.

Following on from our previous statement regarding 2020 & 2021, an incorrect scoring process was used to calculate the State Champion Trophies and in the case of 2019 the Champion NSW Trophy went to All Hands Brewing when it should have been awarded to Modus Operandi.

This now concludes the audit process, and we will now turn our attention to the full and independent review of the Indies Awards.

The review will be complete in the first quarter of next year and at that point will be coming to brewery for feedback on the recommendations made before we open for entries to the 2022 awards.

“We would like to congratulate Modus Operandi on their win and again, I apologies that mistakes were made and the impact that has had on all breweries affected” stated IBA Chief Executive Office Kylie Lethbridge.

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