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Peter Philip – Wayward Brewing

This week Matt is back in Sydney’s inner west to chat again with Wayward Brewing’s Peter Philip.

The last few weeks have almost been a Where Are they Now series, as we go back and find how the last few years have treated guests that we spoke to during the COVID days to see what’s changed and how they are dealing with what, I think we can accept, are challenging times. If you have time on your hands, it’s again worth going back and having a listen to my 2021 chat with Peter.

This week Wayward launched a Recession Ale, designed to bring attention to the economic challenges that brewers are facing, and I was fascinated about what that meant about what Peter was seeing in the economy but also, given our recent chat with Pat McInerney, what he was seeing in Sydney’s in a west given it is one of the country’s exciting craft beer hubs.

This being a conversation there’s a few detours on the way to talking about those things but regular listeners will know that we discuss a couple of topics that have been exercising my mind over the last six months. It may not surprise some but Peter doesn’t agree with a lot of my thoughts which always makes for a great conversation.

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