AIBA champ Little Dove takes flight

LIttle Dove New World Pale Ale

Little Dove New World Pale Ale

Gage Roads Brewing Co has announced that Little Dove New World Pale Ale will be the newest permanent addition to its range of dry-hopped & unfiltered craft beers, landing in stores nationally from mid-September.

The 2016 Australian International Beer Award’s (AIBA) Champion Australian Beer has gained wide acclaim since launching in kegs in late April.

“We’re very excited to be launching Little Dove in package prior to the upcoming summer, especially given the momentum the beer has built since its win at the AIBA in May,” said National Sales & Marketing Manager Scott Player.

Little Dove will join Gage Roads’ existing range of craft ales which includes Atomic Pale Ale, Single Fin Summer Ale, Sleeping Giant IPA, Breakwater Australian Pale Ale and Narrow Neck Session Ale.

At 6.2 percent ABV, Little Dove represents the most challenging offering in the Gage Roads range, but Mr Player says it has one thing in common with its stablemates: balance.

“I think the success of this beer is down to balance. It’s perfect and a testament to the skill of our brewers,” he said.

An emerging style, New World Pale Ales are characterised by flavour profiles of non- traditional hop varietals, often sourced from Australia and New Zealand.

“I get a lot of passionfruit and pineapple, but depending on your palate you might even perceive some melon, grapefruit or other tropical fruits,” said Mr Player.

Little Dove is the English name for the Dutch ship Duyfken, a small VOC ship that set out on an expedition to discover new lands in 1605, stumbling across Australia a year later.

According to Mr Player the story of the Duyfken mirrors Gage Roads own team’s journey through developing the beer.

“The Duyfken set out on a mission to explore the New World. We set out to do the same in terms of hop flavour profile. The ship’s journey of exploration really paralleled our journey through developing this beer,” he said.

Little Dove adds another layer to the Gage Roads story that plays out across the brewery’s craft ales.

“The Duyfken replica was built here in Fremantle in 1999. It’s a beautiful, painstakingly crafted ship that can often be seen sailing through Gage Roads,” said Mr Player.

The Little Dove announcement caps off a busy period for the Western Australian brewer.

The company last week declared it would seek shareholder approval to raise capital and buy back Woolworth’s shares in support of its five year “Returning to Craft” strategy.

Gage Roads General Manager John Hoedemaker said it was an exciting time for the business.

“I’m extremely proud of the team at the brewery. I have no doubt that Little Dove will be a successful addition to the Gage Roads range. It’s success in draught to date is further proof that the Company’s new direction to focus on its proprietary craft beer brands is the right strategy at the right time,” said Mr Hoedemaker.

Little Dove will be distributed through Liquid Mix (WA), and Paramount Liquor (NSW and VIC), with distributors in other states expected to be announced shortly.

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