Beerfarm releases Ginger Beer

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Can of Beerfarm's Ginger beer between a glass and a knob of ginger


Are you ready for a taste of something that can truly keep up with the sun-soaked, good-time vibes? Look no further than Beerfarms’ latest creation, the Ginger Beer! Your new ginger best mate!

Charlotte Freeston was pivotal in the development of this beer, she has been with the brewery for just over 3 years and gave us a little insight into the creation process of the new brew.

What is your favourite thing about a Ginger Beer?

For me, it’s light and refreshing, sweet enough and with a nice bit of heat which keeps you going back for more.

How long have you wanted to create Beerfarm’s own Ginger Beer?

It was only natural to start thinking about how we could make such a product here and keep true to our roots as brewers. We started discussing brewed Ginger Beers about a year ago and drinking as many as we could get our hands on to really pin down what we wanted ours to be.

What was the process like for creating Beerfarm’s Ginger Beer?

It started with trying lots of different types of Ginger Beer, then developing a brewed base while we tried various ginger sources before settling on Ginger juice. A bit of R&D and a few tweaks along the way and here we are!

What sets Beerfarm’s Ginger Beer apart is the brewing process. Unlike spirit-based alternatives that rely on quick production methods, brewing allows for a slow and thoughtful evolution of flavours. The result? A ginger beer with a smooth, foamy mouthfeel that isn’t overly sweet, offering the perfect balance between heat and sweetness.

What is the profile difference between a brewed Ginger Beer and a spirit based Ginger Beer?

This is hard to answer because essentially we want the brewed version to taste as light and sweet as a spirit based one, we’re proud to be able to have created a product that’s naturally fermented but that doesn’t taste beery at all – its light and really hits the ginger shine with the perfect balance of sweetness and heat.

Where could we find you throwing back a few Beerfarm Gingers?

The beach, or in the garden playing a few hands of our favourite card game Chop. Hopefully soon also at my favourite watering holes too!

The best way to enjoy Beerfarm’s Ginger Beer? Pour it over ice and share it with pals. The frosty thirst-quencher is designed for those moments when you need a pick-me-up in good company.

So, whether the sun is shining, the tunes are playing, or you’re just in the mood for a refreshing kick – raise your glass and cheers to the lively vibes and frosty goodness of Beerfarm’s Ginger Beer!

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