Your Mates seeks 200 expert beer drinkers

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Beer in a glass with Your Mates Brewing logo

A secret password will give 200 expert lager drinkers access to an exclusive tasting event at Your Mates Brewing Co. to help shape their newest beer.

The goal – to brew QLD’s BEST lager

Your Mates Brewing Co., a leading craft brewery famous for its popular Pale Ale Larry (top 5 in Aus. Craft Beers for the last 5 years), are now on the lookout for 200 professional beer drinkers to join an exclusive tasting event. The brewery aims to gather valuable insights from individuals who embody the essence of a regular, everyday mate to help them taste test and decide between three different lagers…the goal, to brew QLD’s best lager:

BREWED by REAL QLDers (not a foreign conglomerate)

This unique event (the Your Mates crew don’t mind doing things differently) is the final step in a 6-month plus trialing process involving thousands of votes and multiple tasting events, to ensure the new beer for QLDers in one chosen by QLDers…not bean counters or market research firms.

As Your Mates Marketing Manager Rob Naylor puts it “we knew we wanted a lager as our new flagship beer ’cos it’s QLD’s favorite drop, and after heaps of team discussions about what that lager should be like, we decided the best option was to let QLD decide what beer they wanted to drink”.

The lager trial is being held at Your Mates BrewPub (Warana, Sunshine Coast) on Friday 22nd of March (3-5pm), and all beer lovers need to do to be a part of it is turn up and say the secret phrase “I’m QLD’s BEST lager drinker”.

We’re really keen to get the opinions of real QLD beer drinkers, mates who line up to the following values:

  • A Bloody Great Mate: The kinda mate that loves chewing the fat and enjoying a cold one with their mates.
  • Age Range (25-44): We’re pretty flexible on this, but you do have to be 18+.
  • Celebrate Simple Pleasures: Mates who believe in celebrating the simple pleasures of life, especially weekend adventures, a Saturday pub session or BBQs with loved ones.
  • On-Premise Socializer: Anyone who enjoys the camaraderie of socializing on-premise at least once a fortnight for a coupla coldies are encouraged to come on down.
  • Freshly Mowed Lawn Enthusiast: Fans of the simple joy of a freshly mowed lawn, embodying the quintessential spirit of weekend relaxation.
  • And of course it helps if you LOVE a good lager.

Selected participants will have the unique opportunity to be part of the decision-making process for Your Mates Brewing Company’s newest beer. The tasting panel will play a crucial role in shaping the flavor profile, ensuring it resonates with the preferences of QLDers.

Your Mates Brewing Company looks forward to assembling a diverse and passionate group of professional beer drinkers who will help bring their newest creation to life.

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