Bintani Australia partners with New Zealand Hops Ltd

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Bintani is proud to announce that following its acquisition of Hopco on 1 July 2021 it will become the exclusive distributor of New Zealand Hops products in Australia.

The high quality, unique flavours and aromas available through New Zealand Hops combined with Bintani’s industry leading network of staff and facilities will provide the Australian brewing industry greater access to some of the world’s most sought-after hops.

This new relationship will provide Bintani and its customers access to renowned hops such as Motueka™, Nelson Sauvin™, and Nectaron®, to name just a few from the extensive New Zealand Hops range.

According Craig Orr, Chief Executive NZ Hops, “As a cooperative of Master Growers, we believe this partnership with Bintani Australia is a great alignment. Our business, like Bintani, has been built on family values, driven by a desire to provide the world’s best products. We believe Bintani will provide the extensive distribution network and product expertise required to ensure our unique range is understood and accessible across Australia.

For more than 25 years Bintani has been providing high quality, innovative brewing ingredients to the industry. According to Phil Meddings, Joint CEO, Bintani Australia & New Zealand, this is an exciting outcome for Bintani and the Australian brewing industry. ‘At Bintani we strive to deliver the highest quality and most innovative products to our customers. This partnership with New Zealand Hops will deliver Australian brewers consistent and reliable supply of some of the world’s most unique, impactful and delicious hops. We have been working closely with Sandy to ensure a smooth transition from Hopco and look forward to a long and successful partnership with New Zealand Hops. We are very proud to have the opportunity to represent such world class hops that are grown practically in our backyard.’

Adding further support to the Australian brewing industry, Bintani is pleased to be working with Kirrily Waldhorn who recently joined the NZ Hops team. “I love the sensory role that hops play in beer, so I am thrilled to be working with NZ Hops and alongside Bintani, to helpbring these unique and vibrant hops to our Australian brewers.” says Kirrily.

Please get in contact with Bintani today to place your order for your 2021 crop requirements. For more information on the New Zealand Hops.

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