Bintani opens new Melbourne warehouse

Bintani's new warehouse

Integrated ingredient supply company Bintani says its new warehouse in Melbourne will provide greater storage space for the business, but most importantly represents a multimillion-dollar investment in improved processes.

The new, purpose-built warehouse, the company’s fourth Melbourne expansion since launching in a backyard shed in 1995, is three times larger than its existing Melbourne base and was designed to ensure greater focus on sustainability and quality systems.

Incorporating rooftop solar generating 180 kilowatts was a major factor in the design Director Dale Meddings said.

“With a large coolroom on-site to store ingredients, we were very mindful of the demands on power.

“Being able to generate as much of the energy requirements for that was a big consideration in the design,” he said.

“As brewers and their customers look to becoming greener in their beer choices, we wanted to make sure that the supply chain was supporting them in that quest.”

CEO Phil Meddings said one of the key elements of the building design was to enhance food standards compliance for brewers.

“It was custom built as a food processing premises, which led to a huge change in process for us,” he said.

“It includes a two-person on-site technical team driving HACCP protocols and working towards ISO food handling to ensure that our standards are first rate.”

“Technical support for brewers and data retention are key elements to ensure even better systems for supporting brewers more efficiently.”

“As the first ingredient supply business with a full offering, we always felt we had to control our own storage and logistics as much as possible rather than rely on third-party logistics.

“The refined processes we have in the new warehouse complement that approach.”

“Ultimately beer quality becomes ever more important as breweries scale-up and brewers demand greater precision in their process,” he said.

“We need to support that in our processes by constantly becoming more efficient and customer-focussed in our processes.

Phil said the land at Moorabbin airport was a rare opportunity to purpose-build a new facility on a greenfield site while remaining close to its former warehouse in Melbourne’s southeast.

“The southern eastern suburbs are quite a brewing hub in its own right, which is one reason we like the location as much as the location itself,” he said.

The new warehouse is one of four that Bintani operates in Australia, with an additional facility in New Zealand.

The new address is 8 Grange Road, Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194

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