Bridge Rd counting down to Christmas

Bridge Road Brewers has expanded on its advent calendar concept with an Australian-first 24-pack available in the lead to Christmas.

The Craft Beer Christmas Countdown pack contains 24 different brews from around Australia to enjoy throughout the month of December.

The packaging is designed to create excitement and anticipation as to what’s next in the pack.

Only the breweries are named on the exterior, and not which beers will be inside.

The beers can only be accessed through individual perforations in the pack’s lid, with each section numbered one to 24.


Twelve beers in the pack are from Bridge Road, with the balance being made up by seven other brewers from around the country, Van Dieman (Tas), Moon Dog (Vic), Fortitude (Qld), Murrays (NSW) Hargreaves Hill (Vic), Feral (WA) and Mountain Goat (Vic).

The pack aims to encourage consumers to interact with each other and the brewers on social media using the hashtag #craftbeercountdown.

It will hit Dan Murphy’s stores nationally next week and will also be available for both wholesale and retail purchase from Bridge Road Brewers.

For more info email or call Ben Kraus on 0422 929 235.

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