Bridge Road steps up authenticity campaign

Respecting-the-Carft-square-bwBridge Road Brewers are pleased to announce their ‘Respect(ing) The Craft’ symbols soon to be included on all packaging materials and communication. These symbols reflect the values of the brewery, its staff and the beer it produces.

Bridge Road Brewers believe that authenticity is the key driver of choice for craft beer drinkers. Knowing that the beer they drink comes from a particular place, on equipment belonging to and directly managed by the brewery. These drinkers all need their beer to taste great, but they also put value on supporting independent brewers. These drinkers expect craft beer to be open and honest, and shouldn’t feel the need to conduct background research on who owns the brand they drink, or in fact where it is actually made. One of the core values of Bridge Road Brewers is keeping production in house, and making sure any beer that states is made in Beechworth, is in fact made in Beechworth. The use of these symbols is to highlight we are respecting not only craft beer but more importantly craft beer drinkers.

Bridge Road Brewers continues to grow since its humble beginnings in Ben Kraus’ dads back shed in 2005. The small Beechworth operation currently distribute their beer nationally and export to the USA, Europe, Hong Kong and Singapore. In just over ten years this regional brewery now has more than 30 employees. Now competing in the national liquor market with other craft brands, often owned by global multinationals, Bridge Road Brewers have made the positive step of including their values and points of difference to craft beers on the shelves or taps around them.

Bridge Road Brewers remain family owned, started by Ben Kraus and his partner Maria Frischmann in 2005, when they were both 25 years old. The brewery has continued to grow on the back of their own success without intervention from investors, large or small.

The team at Bridge Road Brewers are proud of what they do and the beer they make. The symbols were developed by the team, asking themselves; what is it that makes us different? And what do I expect from the craft beer I drink?

Ben Kraus commented of his team:“At Bridge Road Brewers we are passionate about many things, including our home town and craft beer, we all hold similar values of what craft beer means to us.”

For all enquiries please email Ben Kraus.

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