CUB to introduce brewed on dates

CUB has suggested it will be taking steps to introduce brewed on dates to its Carlton Draught brand as part of its commitment to delivering fresh beer to its consumers.

This move by Australia’s largest brewery follows the direction of the craft sector to improve beer freshness and transparency, as well as create more compelling brand messages in face of looming competitors.

CUB Director Tim Ovadia, toldBrews Newsthat freshness is something the Carlton Draught brand is committed to for the long term.

“Inevitably, the beer market has got more competitive and we have to deliver a more compelling offer to our drinkers,” Ovadia said.

“It’s also the fact that we’ve now got the investment in our local breweries to allow us to do things like brewed on dates.”

The move comes as CUB’s Fresh for Finals campaign will run again this year, over the four weeks of the AFL finals. The campaign is set up so all cases of Carlton Draught delivered into First Choice and Liquorland stores, will sport brewed on dates.

A spokesperson for CUB said that “the beer is brewed on a Monday and delivered fresh each week”.

“This year, punters can check their carton for the brewed on date to see when their Carlton Draught was brewed.”

Ovadia said that he is confident in the efficacy of the campaign and the future of brewed on dates at CUB.

“Craft is amazing in what it has done for the beer category,” Ovadia explained.

“But I think one of the advantages that we have on a brand like Carlton Draught is we turn over so much beer that inevitably… when a consumer comes into a store and buys Carlton Draught, it’s more than likely to be fresher than any of the smaller craft beers on the shelf.”

“Because, in reality, they don’t turn over as much product as what we do.”

“That’s one of the reasons why we think we can deliver on the freshness promise to our consumers.”

Part of CUB’s marketing message is that one keg of Carlton Draught is turned over every 46 seconds during summer.

Ovadia said that CUB would be looking at things like packaged on and brewed on dates in the future.

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