Cutting-edge brewing research highlighted in Inspired report

Brews News is today launching Inspired, its inaugural roundup of academic research projects focused on the brewing industry being undertaken across Australia.

With more than 600 breweries and counting in Australia, the growing industry has caught the attention of interdisciplinary researchers, and while brewers have been linking up with experts in higher education for many years, the Inspired report is the first time that this research has been collected in one place.

According to the Independent Brewers Association in its 10-year roadmap, collaboration with experts is a key to the industry’s long term goals, which it says will help facilitate the development of a research and development ecosystem.

From 5G-connected breweries to research into the impacts of brewing on tourism and explorations at a molecular level into malt and mead, these projects cover new ground and are creating new knowledge about the industry, to benefit the industry.

Finding out what research has been done and which researchers are interested in the sector and communicating these to industry is only the first step to these long term goals.

“It’s a testament to the growth of the brewing industry and its focus on innovation that academic research is turning its attention to the industry as well, Brews News founder and editor Matt Kirkegaard said.

“Thanks to Hop Products Australia, which is sponsoring this project, we aim to communicate the latest research findings, as well as connect researchers with brewers, growers and others in the industry.”



Are you an academic taking part in any research in the industry and want to share it through our next INSPIRED – get in touch with the details below.

Are you working in the industry and want to support, or provide input into the research or speak to an academic? You can contact them directly or get in touch with our editorial team for a referral.


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