Cryer Malt

Supplying Australasian craft brewers with quality brewing ingredients for over 30 years, Cryer Malt is dedicated to sourcing the most premium Malt, Hops and Yeast for all brewing enthusiasts. They distribute the best quality locally crafted malts from Barrett Burston Malting, European malts from BESTMALZ®, Bairds, Dingemans and Thomas Fawcett as well as North American and Canadian malts from Great Western Malting and Canada Malting Company.

Working with their supply partner, Yakima Chief Hops™, Cryer Malt are dedicated to connecting Pacific Northwest hop growers with Australasia’s most innovative brewers.

They have introduced the ability to provide brewers with a full package of ingredients, distributing yeast from industry leaders, White Labs and also local Australian providers Mauribrew and Pinnacle, brands of the esteemed AB Mauri.

Get in touch with the team about Malt, Hops and Yeast, and how they can tailor a package to suit your brewing needs. Total Brewing Revolutionaries – Cryer Malt, your premium brewing partner.

Bulk Malt Options

From day dot, Cryer Malt has always offered bulk malt bags for our customers. Their forte is custom-sized bulk bags (whether it is 300kg or 1000kg) so they can cater to breweries of all sizes. Their size increments go up in 25kg bags and all bags are pinpoint to the kilo, with no second-guessing or weighing apparatus required. With warehouses located all over Australia and New Zealand, every brewer has access to their malts in bulk bags.

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