Cryer Malt and Froth Technologies announce new partnership

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Six people from Cryer Malt

Cryer Malt and Froth Technologies are pleased to announce an exclusive distribution partnership.

Froth technologies have been utilizing local ingredients from New Zealand for half a decade. They innovate and grow fresh liquid yeast cultures from their local area of Aotearoa NZ.

Cryer Malt who is the craft division of Barrett Burston Malting has been a driving force in supplying the best brewing and distilling ingredients throughout Australia and New Zealand for over three decades. They are part of the United Malt family of brands, a group of international maltsters with a shared vision of being the world’s best partners in craft.

The launch of this partnership will further bolster Cryer Malt’s existing range of yeast offerings and will make for many exciting portfolio additions. Furthermore, this union will also help showcase the innovative products Froth are producing across the ditch, to the local brewing market.

“One of the big drivers for what we do here at Froth Tech is our love of the brewing community.,” said Froth Technologies Founder Ryan Carville. “The passion, dedication, and camaraderie of this community is something we admire and work to nourish and support, and that is what we have been doing that here in Aotearoa for the last 3 years. The brewing community isn’t limited by boundaries and borders, so we didn’t want to be either.”

Steph Howard, Sales & Marketing Director of Barrett Burston said; “Froth Technologies are forward thinking and passionate about the products they produce. We look forward to welcoming them to our portfolio and being able to get their liquid yeast strains out into the breweries of Australia.”

With this partnership, Cryer Malt will be distributing Froth Technologies liquid yeast exclusively in Australia.

To try their exciting range of products, contact us at or contact your local Cryer Malt sales representative.

About Cryer Malt

For over 30 years, the Cryer Malt team has stood shoulder to shoulder with progressive craft brewers and distillers who have broken the mould and shaped the modern craft beer and distilling movement. We are constantly dedicated to providing the finest ingredients to help brewers and distillers create the foundations of truly excellent beers and spirits.

Over the years, our portfolio of premium malted barley has grown extensively. We also offer a range of quality ingredients, yeasts and adjuncts to meet the growing needs of brewers and distillers in Australasia.

Our friendly team on the ground are always here to help you craft your next creation.

Craft Beer Curators – Cryer Malt, your premium brewing partner.

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About Froth Technologies

Back in 2018 Simon Cooke & Ryan Carville took a leap of faith, to grow fresh liquid yeast cultures right here in Aotearoa NZ. And with that… Froth Technologies was born.

We pride ourselves on raising high quality, fresh, liquid yeast.

Froth Technologies is an impact business that is driven to do business in a way that makes the world a better place by ensuring our business activities achieve success across our three pillars: Earthlings, Environment, and Enterprise.

We’re passionate about all things fermentation. Our highly skilled team of cellular farmers are lovingly raising quality liquid yeast cultures in our custom-built yeast lab.

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