Voyager Craft Malt and Cryer Malt collaborate to launch Dexter Malt

Dexter Malt Bag

Voyager Craft Malt and Cryer Malt are pleased to announce an exclusive partnership and have collaborated to launch Dexter Malt.

Crafted in the heart of the Riverina, in the small town of Whitton NSW, Voyager Craft Malt specialise in producing small batch, single origin artisanal malts from a diverse range of locally grown and regionally sourced premium quality grain.

Cryer Malt, the craft division of Barrett Burston Malting has been a driving force in supplying the best brewing and distilling ingredients throughout Australia and New Zealand for over three decades.

The release of Dexter Malt is an exciting portfolio addition for Cryer Malt and Voyager Craft Malt. Their new Dexter Malt is malted at Voyager, using Australian grown fully certified sustainable barley, producing a light caramel malt.

The launch of this product is the start of an ongoing partnership between the two companies who are looking at innovative ways to bring more locally-made malts to the brewing and distilling market.

“We’ve always had great respect for Cryer Malt and the work they’ve done to build and support the brewing industry,” said Voyager Founder Stuart Whytcross.

“Together, we have a much better opportunity to help shape the future of our industry, one that is both sustainable and forward-thinking. Our shared vision and values make this collaboration a natural fit, and we’re proud that we’ve been able to work with the Cryer team on having a locally produced Dextrin malt available to Australian brewers.”

“The development of a locally produced caramel malt is something that we are very excited about,” says Barrett Burston Director of Sales and Marketing Steph Howard.

“Dexter malt marks the beginning of a partnership that we know will make a positive impact on both the brewers and distillers that utilise it and the industry as a whole”.

With this partnership, Cryer Malt will distribute Dexter Malt and will be adding further Voyager Malts to their portfolio. Dexter Malt is currently available from the Cryer Malt Melbourne Distribution Centre and will be available in all warehouses over the coming weeks.

To try this exciting new product, contact us at or contact your local Cryer Malt sales representative.

About Cryer Malt

For over 30 years, the Cryer Malt team has stood shoulder to shoulder with progressive craft brewers and distillers who have broken the mould and shaped the modern craft beer and distilling movement. We are constantly dedicated to providing the finest ingredients to help brewers and distillers create the foundations of truly excellent beers and spirits.

Over the years, our portfolio of premium malted barley has grown extensively. We also offer a range of quality ingredients, yeasts and adjuncts to meet the growing needs of brewers and distillers in Australasia.

Our friendly team on the ground are always here to help you craft your next creation.

Craft Beer Curators – Cryer Malt, your premium brewing partner.

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About Voyager Malt

Built on the foundation of 4 generations of family farming, and strong support from brewers, distillers, bakers, farmers, family, and friends have seen Voyager Craft Malt grow from ‘playing around’ in the back shed, to restoring and embracing character and the identity of grains to
create malts that inspire and push the boundaries of craft beer and spirits.

Voyager continue to innovate with a range of high-quality and malts, sourcing only the very best grains for malting, producing the best malt for craft beer and whisky and helping brewers, bakers and distillers connect consumers to growers from paddock to pint.

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