Rockstar Brewer Academy

More than just a brewing course, the Rockstar Brewer Academy is the best way to get the skills and practical advice you need to brew your best beer in this ever-increasingly competitive market.

Hey – I’m Hendo and my brewing mantra is, “my next batch will be my best!”

I’ve helped many craft breweries achieve their beer quality goals including success at the Australian International Beer Awards and World Beer Cup.  I achieve this through my 3 pillars of success: Quality, Consistency and Passion.

Here’s how the Rockstar Brewer Academy works:

  1. Coursework – The Rockstar Brewer System gives you the 9 “accelerators” your brewery needs to implement in order to brew world-class beer.  From Mastering Brewing Water Chemistry, CIP, Foam and Carbonation, all the templates, worksheets and checklists you need to brew your best are right here.
  2. Coaching – Getting stuck implementing the best quality systems in your brewery?  We operate Live Coaching Calls every fortnight where you can ask Hendo brewing technical questions and get answers in real time. Oh, there’s also over 100 hours of back-catalog for you to view as well.
  3. Community – Tired of the brewing forums where everyone thinks that their way is the only right way?  How about Google searches that don’t yield an answer or going down the Youtube home brewer rabbit hole?  The Rockstar Brewer Private Community is best peer-to-peer exchange of brewing technical advice on the Internet. Period.

Want to work with me privately – no problem!

Coaching & Consulting – Whether you’re a startup brewery or looking to take your brand into the next stage of growth, I can offer personalised coaching and consulting services that will put you on the path to continuous improvement.

Contact Hendo today and take your craft brewery to the next level.

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