Rockstar Brewer Academy launches

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Brewers looking to further develop their skills have a new source of training with the launch of the Rockstar Brewer Academy.

Founded by award-winning brewer Steve ‘Hendo’ Henderson, the academy is aimed at existing brewery owners and head brewers and is designed to teach beer quality management skills in an easy-to-consume format.

The Rockstar Brewer Academy is a multi-faceted approach, featuring online content, a mobile app, private discussion groups and personalised coaching and consulting.

Henderson says that despite aiming to be comprehensive program, the academy isn’t designed to be a replacement for formal brewing training.

“It assumes you already know how to brew awesome beer,” he says.

“There’s a growing choice of education options out there so if you’re looking to learn how to brew, great institutions such as Federation University, TAFE in New South Wales and South Australia, IBD and UC Davis are where I recommend you get a start.

“What I’m offering is practical training for established or soon-to-be-up-and-running breweries on how to implement quality management and sound brewery operations.”

Henderson has been a professional brewer for more than a decade, and is no stranger to quality, having won numerous awards including the inaugural Champion Gypsy Brewer Trophy at the 2016 Australian International Beer Awards.

This year Victoria’s Brownstone Microbrewery, where Henderson consults and mentors the junior brewers, won the Gary Sheppard Trophy for Best New Exhibitor at the 2018 Australian International Beer Awards.

Henderson said the course was designed to be an easy approach to tackling key quality issues.

“The question my early adopter students ask is ‘what do I measure and when?’ with regards to a batch of beer moving through a brewery’s production process,” Henderson explains.

“The foundation course Beer Quality Essentials gives brewers the basics in terms of what to measure and how to ensure that each batch of beer is consistent and of a high quality standard.

“With content delivered online, The Rockstar Brewer Academy gives brewers access to a comprehensive suite of courses covering everything they’ll need to institute sound quality management.”

Courses already published include titles such as Beer Quality Essentials, Packaging Operations Mastery for kegs, bottles and cans and Dissolved Oxygen Reduction Strategies.

Henderson said most courses also have sample documentation to get a head start on building quality policies, procedures, and manuals.

Henderson said that subscription plans start at $199 which gives you access to all courses, or individual courses can be purchased with prices varying on the length of the course.

“But the best way to access the academy is through one of our subscription plans that gives you access to all the course material, access to the community as well as monthly mastermind webinars with me where we solve real-world brewery technical problems,” Henderson said.

Henderson has also established a Rockstar Brewer Academy YouTube channel to which he will add free content each week.

Brews News readers can get a $50 a month discount applied if you sign up before EOFY (30/6/18) and use the discount code BREWSNEWS at checkout.

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