DrinkWise and Bowls Australia partner to improve Australia’s drinking culture

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Queensland bowls players Chris Whitehead, 64, and Norm Hayes, 63, enjoying a zero and mid-strength beer at Broadbeach Bowls Club Pic Tim Marsden

As the country’s best lawn bowlers prepare for the $250,000 prize-money Australian Open finals on the Gold Coast, social change organisation DrinkWise has teamed up with Bowls Australia to announce a new multi-year partnership to remind Australians about the importance of drinking alcohol responsibly.

With two thirds of bowls participants aged 60 and over, the partnership comes at an important time with research finding an estimated 1.3 million Australians over the age of 50 are drinking at risky levels1.

While the majority of Australians are choosing to moderate their alcohol consumption, some people find it challenging to reduce their drinking. This new partnership is aimed at educating bowls participants and supporters about the importance of drinking alcohol in moderation, including options to switch to mid, low and zero strength products, which are growing in popularity.

A recent study predicted a 30% increase globally in the volume of zero and low alcohol products over the next three years2, yet 72% of Australians aged 50+ had not tried a lower strength alcohol product as a way to reduce their alcohol consumption3.

DrinkWise CEO Simon Strahan said the new partnership with Bowls Australia provides an important platform to continue to promote safe drinking practices to all Australians. “This partnership between DrinkWise and Bowls Australia will continue to educate Australians about making healthier and safer choices when choosing to drink alcohol,” Strahan said.

“Research has found while overall drinking habits are improving for Australians, for older Australians, some of whom also participate in bowls, there are still too many continuing to drink at risky levels4.

“While a game of bowls followed by a social gathering in the clubhouse is an important weekly routine for a lot of Australians, it’s also essential those who choose to drink alcohol are aware of the importance of drinking in moderation and the mid, low and zero alcohol alternatives available to them.”

Bowls Australia CEO Neil Dalrymple has welcomed the new partnership with DrinkWise.

“We’re really excited to partner with DrinkWise to help promote such an important message to bowls participants and supporters across our 1,872 clubs around the country,” Dalrymple said.

“We hope this partnership will continue to remind bowlers of all levels and those who frequent bowls clubs for social gatherings to make informed choices when choosing to drink alcohol and consider mid, low and zero alcohol alternatives.”

The DrinkWise and Bowls Australia partnership will see DrinkWise’s branding on full display across the Australian Open finals including in the lead up to the event, Bowls Premier League and World Bowls Championship for the next two years.

Targeted localised activity will take place through local community bowls clubs, promoting positive drinking messages to the game’s 693,563 participants nationwide.

This partnership with Bowls Australia continues DrinkWise’s behaviour change collaborations that emphasise the importance of safe and responsible consumption.

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