DrinkWise provides Schoolies survival tips

Water bottles between beer cans and wine glasses

As Year 12 Schoolies celebrations kick off around the country, DrinkWise will again be reminding all school leavers of the importance of moderating their consumption if choosing to drink so they can enjoy their Schoolies experience and stay safe.

The ‘Schoolies Survival Tips’ campaign will feature in over 600 retail stores in Schoolies hotspots, with support from Endeavour Group, Coles Liquor, IGA Liquor and Retail Drinks Australia member stores, providing that reminder at the point of purchase and prior to consumption.

DrinkWise will also target Schoolies attendees at popular locations including Rottnest Island, Surfers Paradise, the Sunshine Coast, Byron Bay, Rosebud, Victor Harbour, Dunsborough, Philip Island and Lorne through geo-located social media posts. Additional messages will be heard on audio streaming via Spotify, serving up reminders for those choosing to have a drink to moderate and keep track of their consumption as well as look after their friends.

“DrinkWise is working with retailers to display moderation messages within liquor stores to remind Schoolies to pace themselves when celebrating,” said DrinkWise CEO Simon Strahan.

“We know for many Schoolies this is their first time away without their parents and that can be exciting but also a little daunting. While it is understandably a chance to celebrate the end of their schooling, we want to ensure everyone stays safe and makes good choices, especially if consuming alcohol.”

DrinkWise research* conducted in 2023 on young Australians (18-24 year olds), finding:

  • 76% like to socialise in ways that do not involve drinking alcohol.
  • 67% say they don’t like ruining the next day because they had too much to drink the day before.
  • 22% are considered single occasion risky drinkers (those who drink more than four standard drinks a day**).

Of course, while the majority of young Australians are choosing to drink responsibly and in moderation there are still some who are choosing to drink at risky levels, which is why ongoing education is important.

The targeted messaging placement will see the campaign reach Schoolies prior to and while drinking, reminding them of the importance of moderating their drinking, pacing themselves and looking after their friends.

Schoolies Week celebrations begin on 18 November this year with events planned across Australia.

If heading off a Schoolies holiday, DrinkWise recommends the following tips for school leavers to have a fun and safe time:

  • Always have your phone on you (and charged!).
  • Make sure you are having something to eat before and during drink occasions.
  • Pace any alcohol intake and hydrate with non-alcoholic drinks (water is your friend!).
  • Try swapping a full-strength alcoholic drink for a zero or lower-strength drink.
  • Be extra cautious with drinks that have a high alcohol content.
  • Stay with friends and keep an eye out for one another.
  • Don’t drink drive or get into a car with anyone who’s been drinking.
  • Avoid risky situations such as swimming after drinking or getting into arguments and fights.
  • Beware of drink spiking – don’t let your drink out of your sight.
  • Let your parents know where you’re staying and who you’re travelling with.
  • Keep in contact with your parents throughout the week – so they know you are safe.
  • Register as a school leaver with the local council (or Schoolies organisation) in the area you’re visiting.
  • Put your ‘in case of emergency number’ (ICE) in your phone.
  • In an emergency call 000.
  • Keep money aside for emergencies.


* 2023 DrinkWise Young Adults Study

** National Health and Medical Research Guideline 1 

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