Feedback sought on IBA draft Code of Conduct

Brewing industry body the Independent Brewers Association is asking for feedback in its newly-launched draft Code of Conduct.

The IBA dedicated itself to the cause of diversity and inclusion in the industry after allegations of sexism came to light in the US earlier this year, and pledged to be part of the solution.

The organisation said in a statement to its members today that to advance its mission of changing the culture of the industry, its members “must act with honesty and integrity, conduct themselves professionally and embrace all people”.

A copy of the Code is now available to members for feedback.

The IBA says it is the next step in encouraging diversity, inclusion and safe working environments in the industry.

In a message to its members, the IBA said that the breweries owned by the IBA board, including Wayward Brewing, Ballistic Beer and Young Henrys, will be adopting the Code.

“Personally, I am proud to announce that Wayward, and the breweries owned by the IBA board will be adopting this Code and hope that you see value in its place within your business,” said IBA chair Peter Philip in the statement.

“The only way to ensure change is to align ourselves to a responsible, kind and considerate way of treating our fellow human beings.

“Alongside this overarching policy, we are also looking at expanding our member resources to provide you with practical tools, templates and policies that will support adherence to the Code.”

Consultations with members will be ongoing until 20th August, and the IBA is inviting feedback now.

The efforts mark only the latest in industry attempts to make brewing industry workplaces more inclusive.Beer Agents for Change last week launched a survey to help identity problem areas in the industry.

Hear more about the diversity and inclusion issues facing the brewing industry on the Beer is a Conversation podcast with Kylie Lethbridge, general manager of the IBA, Sabrina Kunz executive director of the Brewers Guild of New Zealand, and Tiff Waldron, president of Pink Boots Society Australia.

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