Fermentis launches SafBrew™ LD-20

Fermentis launches SafBrew™ LD-20 for brewing highly attenuated lagers

This Active Dry Yeast and enzyme mix is perfect for lower carbohydrates* dry lager beers, including Session beers.

Beverages with lower content in carbohydrates and sugars are very popular with consumers – and brewers. Recognising this as a growing preference, Fermentis has responded by adding a new product to its SafBrew™ product line. New SafBrew™ LD-20 combines a strong lager yeast strain with a precisely selected enzyme to help brewers create typical lagers that are lower in carbohydrates.

SafBrew™ LD-20 500g pack shot

The balanced blend of active dry yeast and enzyme in SafBrew™ LD-20 produces drinkable, clean, crisp and fairly neutral lagers, with no defects, in many different fermentation conditions, and performing remarkably well at low temperatures (above 12° C / 53.6° F). As both elements are present in one product, brewers are not required to pitch twice. In fact, depending on their equipment and preferences, brewers can pitch directly into the wort.

Most beers, generally contain some residual sugars in the form of complex carbohydrates (unfermentable sugars). Depending on the specific beer they want to produce, SafBrew™ LD-20 enables brewers to increase the amount of fermentable sugar content in their wort by up to 20%, which means the finished beer will contain up to 20% less residual sugars than a beer fermented with a standard yeast strain.

SafBrew™ LD-20 works by being able to break down complex carbohydrates (unfermentable sugars), such as dextrins which most yeasts alone cannot do. The amyloglucosidase (AMG) in SafBrew™ LD-20 converts the complex sugars into simple (fermentable) sugars, so up to 100% of the sugar content can be fermented by the yeast. 100% attenuation produces a dryer beer and stronger alcohol content when using the same wort. And of course, by fermenting all sugars, a significant reduction in carbohydrates is realised.

SafBrew™ LD-20 gives brewers a new, reliable tool for creating delicious, “lower-carb*”, sessionable dry lagers.

It’s one more way Fermentis supports the creativity and production of people who are passionate about the beers they brew.

All fermentation products from Fermentis are developed under meticulous production procedures and benefit from the know-how of the Lesaffre group, a world leader in yeast manufacturing. This guarantees the highest microbiological purity and maximum fermentation activity.

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*meaning up to -20% carbohydrates.

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