GABS Hottest 100 voting to close soon

The GABS H100 is a fantastic endorsement for breweries and the brewers by the people who really count… the drinkers! Unlike the many beer awards, it’s not peer-voted and the winners are not determined by whether the beer is the best example of style. Instead, it’s an absolute tipping of the hat by the most important people in the industry. The drinkers!

The results are a great reflection of what is resonating at the time; be it a beloved brand, the liquid inside the can or the brewery itself. The GABS H100 provides a wonderful insight into which breweries are making a noise out there, what beer styles are loved and in demand, whilst also providing a glimpse into who are the hottest new kids on the block.

Featuring in the coveted GABS H100 certainly also has a wider impact for the brewery producing the beer. Given the GABS H100 is a great litmus test for what is resonating with craft beer drinkers, it’s no real surprise that those breweries taking out first prize are also very much in the headlights for larger breweries to potentially acquire as previous winners  Little Creatures, Vale Brewing, Stone & Wood and Feral can attest to.

“At the end of the day, it’s a great way to ask consumers what they like and have we got our range set up to deliver on what people are loving” says Billy Ryan, Category Manager for Craft Beer & Cider for the Endeavour Drinks Group.

Voters are asked to select their 5 favourites from over a thousand beers nominated by hundreds of Aussie breweries. As a bonus, all voters also go into a random draw to win a share of $5,000 in prizes. Voting closes Friday 20th January.

Results will be broadcast live at GABS Countdown parties which will take place around the country on 28 January.

Bentspoke owners Richard Watkins and Tracy Margrain love that “it’s the one day of the year where craft beer is front and centre and consumers are all talking about craft beer. GABS H100 is the only chance for the craft beer loyalist to put their local brewery up in lights”.

You can also tune in and listen to the Hottest 100 live podcast, brought to you by First Choice Liquor and hosted by renowned industry personality, Matt Kirkegaard. In addition to the main Hottest 100 list, GABS also releases the Hottest 100 Indie Beers (Independent owned breweries), Hottest 100 New Beers (brewed in 2022), and Hottest Next Beers (101-200) lists.

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