Gage Roads buys Matso's Brewing


Gage Roads Brewing has announced it will acquire the Matso’s brands from the Peirson-Jones family based in Broome.

The agreement will see the Matso’s range become an integral part of Gage Roads’ portfolio of craft beers and ciders.

Gage Roads Managing Director John Hoedemaker described Matso’s as an iconic WA Brand that was a natural fit for Gage Roads.

“We have a long-standing relationship with the Peirson-Jones family having provided brewing and packaging services for Matso’s since 2007. We’re therefore delighted to reach an agreement that will see Matso’s join the Gage Roads family,” John said.

“We’re looking forward to adding Matso’s to our portfolio and broadening our offering of high quality brands to our customers. The Peirson-Jones family has achieved terrific results with Matso’s, including the creation of Australia’s market leading Ginger Beer. We now have an exciting opportunity to position the brand for further growth through our national sales team.”

The Peirson-Jones family will continue to own and operate the Matso’s brewpub in Broome througha licencing agreement for the foreseeable future.

Co-founders Martin and Kim Peirson-Jones and their family have grown Matso’s from humble beginnings back in 2000, starting with a 200 litre ‘brewhouse’ in Broome, one of Australia’s most remote brewery locations. Commenting on the transaction, Matso’s founder and prominent Kimberley region businessman Martin Peirson-Jones said:

“Matso’s and Gage Roads have had a longstanding and mutually beneficial relationship for more than a decade. We are excited to reach an agreement with Gage Roads, an independent brewery that has the access to capital, strength of people and the expertise behind it to help Matso’s reach its full potential. It was also important for us that Matso’s stayed in Western Australian hands.

Given that Matso’s and Gage Roads are both proud Western Australian businesses, it was a natural fit. Importantly, for everyone who loves Matso’s beers, including its famous ginger beer, the beers will not change under Gage Roads ownership.”

Gage Road’s share price lifted slightly on the announcement.

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