IBA on the hunt for BrewCon 2020 submissions

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IBA BrewCon

The Independent Brewers Association is seeking creative, unique, and knowledgeable topics for people to present at BrewCon2020; the single biggest place for key decision makers and influencers in the Australian beer industry.

Make sure when submitting your presentation you are familiar with the IBA Project Groups as they will be assessing and approving submissions. Your presentation needs to be engaging, informative, relevant, and original (click here for a list of past presentations).

All submissions must be non-commercial. Abstracts that discuss commercial products, technologies, or services must provide competitive context, and show no commercial bias.

Some themes the project groups will be looking for are:

  • Staff culture and retention
  • Creating experiences
  • Safety
  • Quality
  • Technical brewing
  • Sustainability
  • Diverse spaces
  • Unique business models
  • Partnerships and contracts
  • Innovation: pitfalls and challenges

Submitting abstracts

All submissions are to be made via the iba.org.au website by April 1st, successful submissions notified April 21st.

Presentation formats

Sessions at the conference are 25 mins or 40 mins. We encourage creative, interactive, experimental, non-traditional and collaborative formats. Previous presentation formats include PowerPoint, panels and Q&A sessions, however, your imagination is the limit. We reserve the right to determine the length of each session and form panels where appropriate. We reserve the right to organise content, combine proposals, and make other changes as necessary to render the proposal appropriate for presentation at its meetings. The involvement and agreement of the presenter will be sought on all such changes.

Speaker responsibilities

Conference registration is provided complimentary for all presenters selected for inclusion in the conference program. Presenters are responsible for all other expenses related to participation in the conference including transportation, accommodation and non-included meals. Speakers are required to provide a copy of their presentation to the IBA by Friday 31 July 2020. PowerPoint templates will be made available to all presenters. Successful applicants will be notified by Tuesday 21 April 2020.

BrewCon Speaker Idea Members ForumMembers Forum to post ideas about speaker topics for BrewCon2020.

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