IBA showcases independence

Indie Beer Showcase

The IBA is giving the Good Beer Week Gala Showcase a rebrand, with new entry requirements and a focus on independence.

The IBA merged with Good Beer Week late last year giving the IBA greater presence in one of Australia’s biggest craft beer markets.

The Melbourne showcase event, to be held March 20th-21st, will now be known as the Indie Beer Showcase, with new eligibility requirements. To be included breweries must meet the IBA independence definition, meeting the following criteria:

  • Selling less that 40 million litres of beer a year
  • Cannot be more than 20 per cent owned by a brewery that sells 40 million litres of beer a year
  • Do not own more than 20 per cent of another brewery that sells more than 40 million litres a year

IBA members will also be given a discount of $100 off the registration fee.

This is in contrast to last year, which allowed any and all Australian breweries entry to the showcase.

However the IBA confirmed that there would be no changes to Good Beer Week next year, when it celebrates its 10-year anniversary.

The Gala showcase was launched in 2006 before being taken over by Good Beer Week in 2014.

It allows breweries to offer beer tasters, with 30 breweries and food vendors heading to Federation Square in Melbourne to present their products to the public in three sessions, with a separate trade session for the industry.

Registrations for the Indie Beer Showcase open this Thursday, 12th December, at 9am.

Interested breweries can register here.

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