Industry drives support for agricultural jobs

The latest report by the Brewers Association of Australia has highlighted the number of jobs supported by the Australian brewing industry.

Conducted by economic consultancy ACIL Allen for the Brewers Association, which represents Australia’s largest beer makers CUB, Lion and Coopers, the Australian Brewing: Our Economic and Social Contribution report found the industry supported 3,021 agricultural jobs during the 2019-2020 financial year.

These jobs were created through the $473 million of agricultural ingredients sourced by the industry from Australian producers.

The body also reported the industry contributing $16 billion annually to the Australian economy.

“Australians overwhelmingly drink beer brewed in Australia made with Australian ingredients sourced from Aussie farms,” Brewers Association Chief Executive Officer John Preston said in a media release.

“With more of our larger brewers now buying direct from the farm the link between our farming sector and brewing has never been stronger.

“We all recognise the role that enjoying a beer plays in Australia’s culture but the report we are publishing today shows the true scale of brewing’s importance for our economy and communities and the significant shift that Australians have made to mid-strength beer consumption.”

The research follows the recent annual report from agribusiness and processing company Graincorp, which reported having 1,626 employees in Australia.It also reported employing 2,636 casual harvest workers in Australia alone.

Elsewhere, Hop Products Australia, which released its first sustainability report last year, reported having 356 total harvest staff across its Victorian and Tasmanian farms in 2021.

The company recently announced a $20 million investment in a new pellet plant, which is planned to be fully operational by 2024.

The latest Brewers Association report also noted sales through on-trade of domestically produced beer supporting 55,000 jobs in the hospitality sector.

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