James Squire promoting Constable’s mid-strength status

New-look Constable

New-look Constable: Click to display larger image

Lion has launched new packaging for James Squire The Constable Copper Ale that proudly displays it is a mid-strength beer.

Launched in 2013, The Constable is pitched as “a full flavoured traditional English-Style Pale Ale that happens to be mid-strength”.

A Lion spokesperson told Australian Brews Newsthere were two reasons behind the recent decision to call out its ABV more prominently on the packaging.

“Firstly, a small number of James Squire drinkers were buying and enjoying the Constable for its full flavour only to realise after a period it was mid-strength, feeling misled once discovering its less than full-strength status!” the spokesperson said.

“Secondly, mid-strength as a category is a big opportunity in the Australian marketplace with the consumer seeking a more balanced lifestyle.

The Pioneer Kale Ale

The Pioneer Kale Ale

“With the Australian palate warming up to Pale Ales there was an opportunity to more overtly call out The Constable’s mid-strength full flavour craft feature, and to open up our range to more people.”

To reinforce the message, the new-look Constable will be supported by point-of-sale displays asking drinkers, “Did you know I’m mid-strength?”.

The PioneerKale Ale
Also today, James Squire fooled numerousFacebook userswith the April 1announcement of its latest innovation: The Pioneer Kale Ale.

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