Modus' Mexican lager adapts to "maturing market"

The craft beer industry is a maturing market that brewers need to be aware of, according to Modus Operandi Brewing’s co-founder, Jaz Wearin.

Her comments come after Modus Operandi announced the launch of its new core range release, Modus Cerveza, a Mexican lager that the brewery recommends drinking with a slice of lime.

Wearin told Radio Brews News that brewers should lean into the evolving changes within the industry and experiment with new styles.

“The market is constantly evolving. Consumers are constantly evolving. If you go into a business thinking you’re just going to produce this, you miss out on trialling new things,” she said.

“When you look at wineries, or wine drinkers, there’s so much flexibility and choice. We love that as a consumer.”

The announcement follows a trend of craft brewers taking on styles that have previously been dominated by major breweries including Stone & Wood’s Green Coast Lager, seltzers and rice lagers.

Modus is no stranger to experimentation within the industry, as the brewery launched its no alcohol brand Nort, last year.

Wearin explained that having the freedom of independence is what allows the company to experiment with styles.

“Being independently owned, by Grant and I, we can just do whatever we want. We’re never pigeonholed, we’re never told what we can and can’t do.”

She said that as the industry evolves, craft beer drinkers shouldn’t limit themselves to certain styles.

“Just because we’re craft beer drinkers, doesn’t mean we always want to be drinking eight per cent hazy, hoppy beers.

“We also want to be drinking stouts, we want to be drinking cervezas, we want to be drinking sours and I think that’s where we’re maturing.

“It’s giving the consumer a chance to find choices within the market that are good quality.”

Listen to the full interview with Jaz Wearin as part of the Brews News Week podcast.

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