Modus Operandi signs seltzer distribution deal

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Saintly Beverage Co. are thrilled to expand their on-premise and off-premise sales and distribution, through a unique partnership with award-winning craft brewery Modus Operandi

This marks the first brand partnership outside of Modus Operandi Brewing’s craft beer offering, where Modus will be responsible for handling Saintly Hard Seltzer sales and distribution across
independent bottle stores and venues in Australia.

“We are delighted to be joining the Modus Operandi Family. We have a strong alignment across our business’ in terms of our family values and have quickly formed a trusted relationship.” says Ben Gibson, Head Of Sales, Saintly Beverage Co.

“It’s great to jump on the hard seltzer wave in Australia with Saintly. From what started as good mates and neighbours living in the same street, we’re keen to branch out and join forces with
the Saintly team.” says Grant Wearin, Co-Founder Modus Operandi.

“Taste and quality are the cornerstone of Modus Operandi and Saintly Hard Seltzer is the best tasting seltzer product on the market, with the lowest calorie offering in its 4% range. We
anticipate the seltzer market will explode this summer with Saintly.” continues Grant Wearin.

Saintly will also launch their hard seltzer range on tap across selected venues, kicking off in the coming weeks at Modus Brewpub in Mona Vale.

“There is a real buzz about what the future holds for Saintly, and we’re excited to be launching Saintly Hard Seltzer on draught for the first time through Modus.” continues Ben Gibson.

Backed by Chilli Marketing, the same team who were responsible for Rekorderlig Cider’s global success, Saintly Hard Seltzer aims to crack the new seltzer market wide open in Australia.

Saintly Hard Seltzer is independently owned and made in Australia from fermented sugar cane spirit, where the sugar has been turned entirely to alcohol, leaving zero residual sugar. At 62
calories for their 4% ABV and 89 calories for their 6% ABV, Saintly’s range of drinks are zero carbs, all-natural and gluten-free and come in four miraculous flavours, including Hail Mango (4% ABV and 62 Calories), Watermelon & Mint (4% ABV and 62 Calories) Blessed Lime (6% ABV and 89 Calories) and Forbidden Pink Grapefruit (6% and 89 Calories).

Currently, Saintly is available at more than 6,500 locations across Australia including BWS and BoozeBud (all flavours), Dan Murphys (Blessed Lime and Forbidden Pink Grapefruit), Jimmy
Brings (Forbidden Pink Grapefruit and Hail Mango) and Liquor Legends (Blessed Lime and Hail Mango).

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