Mountain Culture Beer Co 25hl Brewhouse

Our much loved brew kit is a 3 vessel, 25HL steam fired brewhouse from Premier Stainless and is an absolute work horse. It includes an oversized Mash/Lauter tun for ease of making high ABV beers, a wort grant, a boil kettle with internal steam calandria and a whirlpool vessel.

We have had the system customised to produce modern IPA’s by allowing wort to be cooled on transfer to the whirlpool vessel without diluting, as well as adding inline hop strainers pre heat exchanger so you can really maximise the hop charge in the WP and kettle.

The sale price also includes a 100hl seam hot water tank as well as the stainless steel flues for kettle and whirlpool. The system is less than 2 years old and in good operating condition. The kit is capable of producing up to 200 HL of wort over a 24 hour brew length and has so much life left in it.

Why wait a year to have a new system built and miss out on all the beer sales potential that this kit can unlock right now.

Asking price: $250,000

If you are interested then please reach out to

Man working with Mountain Culture's 25l brewhouse

GOOD FOOD: Mountain Culture brewer Jumbo tends to a brew of Rauchbier (German for smoky beer). It is becoming more popular around Australia and Mountain Culture brewery in Katoomba will host the first ever rauchbier festival in March. 11th February 2022, Photo: Wolter Peeters, The Sydney Morning Herald.

Mountain Culture's Emu Plains brewhouse

Screen as part of cellar brewkit

Mountain Culture brewkit

Mountain Culture's Cellar brewkit

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