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Russian Imperial Stout MMXX and Hazy Mixed Case V2 | Modus Operandi

Sydney’s Modus Operandi Brewing Co. has brewed a limited release beer in honour of the Queen’s birthday long weekend in New South Wales.

The Russian Imperial Stout MMXX is an 8.5% abv beer featuring seven different malts, including Ale, Aurora, Redback. Modus has also shared the recipe on its blog for home brewers to try.

It’s available now on the Modus online store.

Following the success of the Hazy Mixed Case, the brewery has also released a Hazy Mixed Case V2 featuring its Hazy 02, Hazy 03 and Hazy 04.

The case is in very limited supply and available via the online store only.

Redliner IIRA and Woody Barrelson | Otherside Brewing Co.

Western Australia’s Otherside Brewing Co. has reimagined its 2019 Headliner IIPA with a Red IPA malt bill to create the new 8.5% abv Redliner IIRA.

Released alongside it is the Woody Barrelson Imperial American brown ale. It’s oaked with French oak staves, coming in at 7.6% abv.

Both beers are will be available for purchase from Otherside’s online store from June 8.

Wood Fired Porter | Stone & Wood

Brewed with all-Australian malts including a Red Gum-smoked malt, Stone & Wood has released its 2020 Stone Beer, a wood-fired porter, in preparation for winter.

It is a limited release with 6.6% abv, currently available online for pre-order.

Resinator IPA | Stomping Ground Brewing Co.

Melbourne’s Stomping Ground Brewing Co. has announced a staggered release over the next few weeks of new limited edition brews, starting with the Resinator IPA.

Brewed with experimental hops, this 6.1% abv beer is available from its online store, local bottle shops or at Stomping Ground’s Gipps Street pop-up.

Creatures of Habit IPA | White Bay Beer

Sydney’s White Bay Beer has canned its new IPA, Creatures of Habit.

The 6.6% abv brew is the latest IPA, which will be different from the rest of White Bay’s core range in that once it is sold out, the team will be releasing a different IPA.

Limited stock online for home delivery or at the brewery.

Major Mac Spiced Fig and Coconut Milk Stout | Moon Dog Craft Brewery

Teaming up with Sydney’s Yulli’s Brews, Melbourne’s Moon Dog Craft Brewery has launched Major Mac, a spiced fig and milk stout.

Named for Mac, the most beloved pet of Davey Bill at Yulli’s, the 5% abv beer has added coconut milk and Crystal and Chocolate malts.

Mango Madness and Zoooom | Sauce Brewing Co.

New South Wales’ Sauce Brewing Co. have released two new beers this week.

The first, Mango Madness, came as the result of blending some of its leftover Trubble & Squeak with lactose and vanilla, the result being a 7.0% abv mango milkshake IPA.

Its second release is the isolation-inspired Zoooom. This hefty 9.0% abv “chocolate pecan mudcake stout” is part of Sauce’s collaboration with Bucket Boys.

Fuzzy Dance Explosion | Bodriggy Brewing Co.

As we enter Winter, Bodriggy Brewing Co. have developed a hazy tropical sour to remind customers of summer.

4% abv Fuzzy Dance Explosion features notes of pineapple juice, mango and lime thanks to its use of Galaxy and Samba hops.

It is available for purchase from Bodriggy’s online store.

Blacksmith IPA and Innovation Series | Akasha Brewing Company

Akasha Brewing Company have released a West Coast-style black IPA with an all-American hop bill.

Coming in at 7.2% abv, Blacksmith is available online and in NSW, VIC, QLD and ACT bottle shops.

Akasha has also announced its new Innovation Series, as a way for its brewers to experiment with extremely small batch beers.

The series’ first beer release is the 4.2% abv Blood Orange Gose; “kettle soured with Lactobacillus and brewed with sea salt and coriander” and added blood orange pulp.

The Innovation Series will only be available in cans, on tap at the brewery in Five Dock or in very small quantities online.

Originally brewed in collaboration with the Royal Albert Hotel, Akasha have also re-released its Queen of the Damned Red IPA (6.2% abv) for Victoria and Queensland.

The beer is available for purchase from Victorian and Queensland bottleshops.

Galaxy and Vanilla Porter | Deeds Brewing

Another double release this week, this time from Deeds Brewing in Victoria.

Its first release is a limited edition Hazy DIPA made with Galaxy hops, which lend the brew its name.

Galaxy is an 8.5% abv and part of the brewery’s Don’t Know About That series.

The second release is a 6.2% abv seasonal Midwinter Vanilla Porter made with Warrior hops.

Both beers will be available from June 9 but are currently on pre-sale on the Deeds online store.

Horses Head and Sunshine XPA | Grifter Brewing Company

5.5% abv Horses Head is a new one in cans for Sydney’s The Grifter Brewing Company.

It’s a red ale brewed with speciality grains, and it hasalso introduced its XPA to cans for the first time after refining its recipe since first brewing Southern Lord in late 2014. The 4% abv Sunshine XPA is a hop-forward crisp ale.

Both are available direct from Grifter’s Marrickville tasting bar, local Sydney bottle shops and online.

Newy | Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co.

WA’s Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co has launched Newy, ‘brother’ to Sherby.

The beer is brewed using Pale Malt and Cararoma and is available at select bottle shops and stocked at both of Cheeky Monkey’s venues.

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