New Beers Wrap

Not Your Average Plum Gose, Mismatch Brewing Company

Mismatch Brewing Company has teamed up with head chef of Lot 100, Shannon Fleming, for this collaboration brew.

The added native Davidson plum has a sharp acidic taste that’s rich in antioxidants, according to the brewer.

At 2.9% abv it has a Berliner kettle sour base and a salty profile from added Murray Riverland salt.

Mismatch said you can expect lemon sourness, herbal characters and a noticeable saltiness.

Blame It On My Juice and Hopped Across The Ditch, Two Birds Brewing

Blame It On My Juice is the first of two new keg releases from Two Birds Brewing.

At 7.7% abv the NEIPA is brewed using El Dorado, Galaxy, Calypso and Equanot hops.

The second release, Hopped Across The Ditch, is a New Zealand Pilsner.

It combines New Zealand hop varieties Riwaka and Nelson Sauvin, along with NZ pilsner malt.

Hazy Pale Mango Ale, Felons Brewing Co

Felons Brewing Co have released a Hazy Pale Mango Ale.

It’s a 5.8% abv tropical pale ale brewed using 200 litres of Queensland Mango Puree.

Pale, Vienna and Wheat malt is used along with lots of Galaxy hops for a tropical passionfruit flavour.

It’s currently available on tap at Felons Brewing Co.

White Peach Sour, Ballistic Beer Co

White Peach Sour is the latest addition to the Ballistic Beer Co twang sour range.

At 4.6% abv, its brewed using Ballistic’s old kettle sour recipe with the addition of white peach.

Pale and Wheat malt is used along with US 05 yeast and Lactobacillus Plantarum.

Hazy India Pale Ale and Dry Hopped Lager, Green Beacon Brewing Co

Green Beacon Brewing Co have two new additions to their core in house tap range.

The first brew is a Hazy Indian Pale Ale with citrus, grapefruit and passionfruit flavours.

The second release is a 5.0% abv Dry-Hopped Lager with restrained bitterness and a dry finish.

Lager 3.5, Heads of Noosa

The Sunshine Coast’s Heads of Noosa has introduced its Lager 3.5, a mid-strength lager.

It’s made with a blend of specialty malts and fermented cold for a clean and crisp mouthfeel, according to Heads of Noosa’s brewers.

It’s filtered and comes in at 3.5% abv.

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