New Beers Wrap

FKA Passionfruit Cider, Hope Brewery

Hope Brewery have launched their new FKA passionfruit cider In celebration of the upcoming FKA Festival featuring The Rubens & Safia live.

Hope brewery say this naturally refreshing cider is just that; a crisp and vibrant delight with passionfruit aromas and flavours

FKA Passionfruit Cider will be available at FKA Festival on the 19th October 2019 atHope Estate.

With 5.0% abv, it is currently available to purchase through theHope Estate website.

Big Drop DIPA, Capital Brewing

Capital Brewing have a limited release DIPA, Big Drop.

Capital Brewing say this DIPA is loaded with hops. Orange sherbert, green melon & lime splash across the palate finishing long, dank and resinous

Coming in with 8.2% abv and90 IBU, stockists are available directly through the Capital Brewing website.


DNEIPA, Cheeky Monkey Brewing Co

Cheeky Monkey have released a collaboration brew with Barpop.

The fresh orange DNEIPA drinks like straight breakfast juice, says Cheeky Monkey.

Brewed with Amarillo and Ella hops andPale, rolled oats, wheat and carmunich malt.

With 8% abv it is available on tap and for take-away in 375m cans at the Caves Rd Brewery.

Melbourne Storm edition Base Lager, Brick Lane Brewing Co.

As the official beer of the Melbourne Storm, Brick Lane Brewing have released a limited edition Melbourne Storm 2019 can.

Based on the award winning Brick Lane Base Lager – this brew is perfectly paired with gathering your mates and watching Storm smash through the final rounds and on to the finals, says Brick Lane

This 4.4% abv will be available to purchase on the Brick Lane Brewing online shop soon.

Kinky Cola, Dainton Brewery

Kinky Cola is a new addition to Dainton Brewery’s range

This brew is kettle souredwith sour cherries and natural cola flavouring.

Made with Schooner pale ale malt base anda low hop profile.

Available now at 5.2% abv through participating stockists in 355ml cans



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