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It’d Be Rude Not To, Stone & Wood

Stone & Wood is releasing the latest in its Counter Culture range – It’d Be Rude Not To, a French toast stout.

The 7.4% abv stout was brewed with a tonne of lactose, a tonne of maple syrup, 10 kilograms of vanilla beans and five kilograms of cinnamon.

Stone & Wood says the imperial milk stout has a toasty malt backbone balanced with Galaxy hops.

Like all the limited-release beers in the Counter Culture range, It’d Be Rude Not To will be sold in packs of two 500ml cans online, as well in bottle shops and on tap at our brewery in Byron Bay – but in limited volumes.

The stock listing will go live on 29th July for eight weeks, before making way for another Counter Culture beer.

Sleep When You’re Dead Nordic IPA, Ballistic Beer Co

Ballistic Beer Co is launching an eight-week limited release of its Nordic IPA Sleep When You’re Dead.

The latest release blends Norwegian Kveik with a West Coast IPA style in a 7.4% abv beer, and is available from eight weeks from the packaging date – until 19th September.

It’s made using Calypso, El Dorado, Cascade and Amarillo hops.

The Sleep When You’re Dead Nordic IPA is available in kegs and cans and will be shipped to craft beer bars and bottle-shops as soon as it’s packaged.

It will also be available at Ballistic Beer Co Salisbury, Ballistic Westend and selected venues and bottleshops from July 25th.

Lupulin Fog NEIIPA, Akasha Brewing Company

Lupulin Fog is an 8.5% abv Double New England IPA which Akasha Brewing first brewed in 2017 at the start of Australia’s ‘haze craze’.

It was Akasha’s 2017 GABS entry that year and was a runaway success being awarded runner up Peoples Choice.

Lupulin Fog was fermented with Conan yeast from the US, and an “insane “ amount of Mosaic, Simcoe and Amarillo hops. It’s brewed on a light malt base, with wheat and oats for a super hazy appearance.

It’s the 3rd time Akasha have brewed it, but the first time in cans on a limited run. Find stockists now.

Hazy Bling IPA, Bridge Road Brewers

Hazy Bling is a New England IPA with “malty red base” according to the brewers at Bridge Road.

It’s on Bridge Road’s core red hued Bling IPA, which it says is Australia’s oldest continually produced IPA.

Bridge Road has changed the grist, the yeast and upped the hops, with a combination of oats and a NEIPA yeast strain.

The 6.5% abv beer is said to have juicy tropical hop flavours to complement its signature malt profile.

Nitro Stout, 4 Pines Brewing Company

According to 4 Pines, this is Australia’s first Nitro Stout in a bottle – no widget.

It’s a 5.1% abv Irish stout made with Target and Fuggles Hops. It’s currently being tested to become the world’s first certified ‘space beer’.

4 Pines’ Nitro Stout is available in a 330ml bottle, in the keg on nitro taps (and in outerspace…soon).

Ollie’s Gluten Free Brown Ale, Two Bays Brewing Co

Two Bays Brewing Co has released its first seasonal beer – a hoppy gluten free brown ale named Ollie’s – after head brewer Andrew Gow’s dog.

The Brown Ale, brewed with millet, buckwheat and rice, is hopped with Mosaic and Amarillo.

Two Bays released the limited-edition Brown Ale exclusively, and after overwhelming support with cartons delivered to every state and territory, the team decided to launch it in selected bottle shops and venues across Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, South Australia and Western Australia (and Tasmania soon!).

The beer is also on tap at Two Bays’ taproom on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula, which is currently pouring a range of gluten free beers that includes Porter, an XPA, a Pilsner and a mid-strength.

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